14 Year Old Faces Fine, Jail Time for Wearing NRA T-Shirt to School (UPDATED)

This is just a latest in a rash of jackbooted craziness on the part of school and government officials.

UPDATE: Jared returned to school wearing his NRA shirt. Some of his fellow students wore NRA shirts as well to show support.

Jared Marcum, the eighth grade Logan, West Virginia student who was suspended and arrested after refusing to change his NRA t-shirt at school, was met by several supporters Monday morning outside of Logan Middle School.

Jared returned to class, fresh off of suspension, wearing the same exact shirt that initiated the “t-shirt control” controversy in the first place.

“There’s a lot of people wearing this same exact shirt, showing great, great support and I really appreciate it,” Jared said just before walking into school.

Original story:
Suspended and arrested after refusing to change his NRA shirt.

Today, 14-year-old Jared Marcum appeared before a judge and was officially charged with obstructing an officer.
A $500 fine and up to a year in jail, that’s the penalty that Jared could face, now that a judge has allowed the prosecution to move forward with it’s obstructing an officer charge against him.
“Me, I’m more of a fighter and so is Jared and eventually we’re going to get through this,” Jared’s father Allen Lardieri said.  “I don’t think it should have ever gotten this far.”
The Logan County Police Department initially claimed that the at-the-time 8th grade Logan Middle School student was arrested for disturbing the education process, obstructing an officer and Lardieri says that officers even went as far as threatening to charge Jared with making terroristic threats.
“In my view of the facts, Jared didn’t do anything wrong,” Ben White, Jared’s attorney said.  “I think officer Adkins could have done something differently.”
Prosecuting attorney Michael White refused to respond to any questions, as did Logan Police.
We obtained official court documents from both sides of this case.  On one hand, the arresting officer from the Logan City Police Department, James Adkins, claims that when Jared refused to stop talking, that hindered his ability to do his job, hence, the obstruction charge.  On the other side, Ben White points out that nowhere in the arresting officer’s petition, does it mention Jared ever making any threats or acting in a violent manner.
“Every aspect of this is just totally wrong,” Lardieri said.  “He has no background of anything criminal, up until now and it just seems like nobody wants to admit they’re wrong.”

The goons in the police department, especially James Adkins, need a refresher course on the First and Second amendments. Apparently, Adkins thinks that verbal defense of ones’ rights is a “terroristic threat”.  I hope Jared’s father fights this shit tooth and nail.

Drop a line to the Logan Police Department on their Facebook page:


The reaction to real threats posed by deranged wackjobs who use schools, movie theaters, and other public places to rampage, is knee jerk stupidity.

Children who have cupcakes decorated with toy Soldiers, shape a Pop-Tart into a gun, play “Rescue the World” by throwing a fake grenade at “evil forces”, point a Hello Kitty bubble gun at a classmate, play with water pistols, or make a gun gesture with their little hands, are considered armed and dangerous.

Out of control paranoid zealots that have taken over the American school system and law enforcement.  They are incapable of making reasoned, common sense decisions.

But pushing radical leftwing propaganda, taking away a child’s homemade lunch, teaching the art of “fisting”, sexual positions, porn stars and bestiality as part of “sex education”, and the indoctrination of Islamofascism, are all part of academic life in American schools.

The State knows how to raise your children better than you.

Dear Leader said  that he can’t confiscate your guns because he’s  “constrained by a system our founders put in place”, yet he’s been trampling all over the constraints since he took office.

Had Jared worn a Che T-shirt, they wouldn’t have given it a second thought.



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1 thought on “14 Year Old Faces Fine, Jail Time for Wearing NRA T-Shirt to School (UPDATED)”

  1. coe610@yahoo.com

    They have got to be kidding with this case. Most of today’s students wear their pants down below their buttocks, exposing undergarments and private parts. This young fellow should be commended for committing to an organization that fights for his rights. The school system is as corrupt as the DA is of that county. Where can I send my check Jarad?

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