17% of Biden Voters Regret Their Vote, ‘Didn’t Know About Scandals’

17% is approximately 13,612,484

If Biden voters didn’t realize that he and his family are corrupt malfeasants, it’s because they didn’t bother to watch or listen to anything other than left-wing media. The information contained in Hunter Biden’s laptop and his and his father’s deals with Ukraine and China were extensively covered in the New York Post.  Joe Biden has a 47-year career in politics with nothing but misconduct to show for it. They likely ignored it and voted for him anyway, and now have buyer’s remorse. Either way, they’re retarded.



A new survey by the Media Research Center finds many Joe Biden supporters are experiencing so-called voter’s remorse.



Just wait until Biden starts inflicting his destructive agenda. They’ll regret more than that.

Dems will always vote for one of their own corrupt politicians regardless of their criminal misconduct. Biden is just the latest. Before him, it was Obama and the Clintons.

There was ample information about them, but they supported them anyway.



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