18 Years of Terror: Since 2000, Muzzies Have Killed Over 146,000 People Worldwide


That number is probably low. The University of Maryland put together a Global Terrorism Database, HERE.

The website: www.thereligionofpeace.com keeps a daily compilation of the terrorist attacks and atrocities from muzzie shitbags who slaughter people in the name of their ‘allah’.

With the spread of Islamic muzzie atrocities, Christians are being slaughtered and driven out of their own homelands.  The world stands by and does nothing. They’ve been slaughtering Christians wholesale across the Middle EastIndonesia, and Africa. And the world yawns.

Over 6000 Nigerian Christians were murdered by Fulani radicals.

Boko Haram attacks Christian villages and burns churches to the ground. His muzzie terrorist thugs have amassed quite a body count for Allah.

Christians in Iraq are being killed by the bushel.

Christians throughout the Middle East face widespread genocide.

The leftwingnuts in the political arena and the media blame the victims of Islamic violence for ‘provoking’ muslim ‘sensibilities’.

Muzzie animals hang people, throw them off buildings, behead them, set them on fire, and commit mass bombings, but if we fight back we’re the problem.  If liberals reacted as much toward the muslim threat as they do perceived ‘Islamophobia’, this world would be a safer place.

Muzzies are on a rampage worldwide, and all people can do is light candles, hold vigils, light buildings with colors of flags. Yeah, that’ll stop them. Kill the motherfuckers. Kick them out. Take your countries back.

Until then, they’ll keep killing you.

If only Christians and Jews could match their numbers, the muslim problem would be solved.




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