2010 Census Being Used by Counties to Get Money for Illegal Aliens

While they’re doing a headcount, deport the fuckers.

With the 2010 census looming, local governments are targeting illegal immigrants to land federal funding tied to the population count.

Dispatching civic groups to speak with day laborers and delivering pleas from church pulpits, officials hope to ease worries about personal information being used for immigration raids.

Oh gawd forbid that information would lead to the arrest and deportation of these felons.

Failing to count illegal immigrants, local officials say, will reduce federal funding around $1,000 a year for each ignored person. And counties are looking for ways to offset costs that arise from providing health care and school services to thousands of residents who don’t contribute taxes.

How ’bout getting rid of the illegal freeloaders instead of misappropriating taxpayer money to support them? 

“The bottom line is we’re counting heads,” Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Sharon Bulova said. “We’ve done it for hundreds of years in this country — people who are citizens and noncitizens.”

The census details everyone living in an area, including undocumented residents. It is illegal for the U.S. Census Bureau to share the information with other agencies.

Like the ICE, for instance.

……Though county officials call the outreach economic survival — more than $400 billion in federal funding is tied to the census — anti-illegal immigration groups say it is coddling residents already draining the region of money.

“It’s a vicious cycle of lawlessness,” said Brad Botwin, founder of Help Save Maryland. “Ike Leggett is waist deep in this. He’s desperate for money. He’s made the bed. Now we have to lie in it.”

……Immigration enforcement officials vowed to stay away from the data.
“We are focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that focuses first on those dangerous criminal aliens who present the greatest risk to the security of our communities, not sweeps or raids to target undocumented immigrants indiscriminately,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Spokesman Brandon Montgomery wrote in an e-mail.

Smart and effective??? Most of the time you don’t even bother to do perform raids or to target illegal aliens, (not “undocumented immigrants”) discriminately, as the law requires.

This census is not just fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer funds, but it’s another way for illegals to receive benefits meant for American citizens.

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