2013 Asshat of the Year Award

This year’s honor goes to: ……It’s a TIE again!: Obama, the LeftProg Dems and the media quislings share the glory.

The Asshat Award


They’ve done so much to deserve this, they may end up getting a Lifetime Asshat Achievement award.

First up, Barky Obama.

Barky’s domestic accomplishments:

4 more years of utter failure, and he’s just getting started.

He is without a doubt, the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.

Obama sure had a bang up year of “phony” scandals.

He directed the IRS to target Tea Party and GOP organizations,  instructed the DOJ to hack into the emails and phone records of reporters who criticized his policies, and leaked documents to smear a Fast and Furious whistleblower.

The NSA became his omnipotent, 4th Amendment trampling, Big Brother apparatus. And he thinks they’re doing a swell job.

Obama made the government shutdown as painful as he could for ordinary Americans and blamed the GOP for his malfeasance. Among his tactics: suspending the funds for burials of the fallen and trying to prevent veterans from visiting their own memorials.

While the nation was forced to cut corners during the sequester, his opulence went unabated. He spent $100 million on a vacation to Africa,  went on a Florida golf outing  with Tiger Woods at $1 million, taxpayers also footed the bill for his daughters’ vacation in the Bahamas, and another trip to Hawaii and Aspen.

The national debt hit $17 trillion and is still climbing.

His abuse of power and lawlessness reached a new apex.  And he’s not done. He’s got a whole crapload of edicts he can use at his disposal.

ObamaCare was unleashed with Media Matters’ propaganda and some of the most retarded hype you’ve ever seen. And if you think the broke-dick website is bad, just get a load of what’s in the toxic socialist train wreck itself.  Millions of people have already lost their insurance plans because of the law, but according to the Dems, it’s the fault of the insurance companies and the patients.

His Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has made it clear that 1.) she doesn’t work for the little people, 2) enrolling in ObamaCare is beneath the lifestyle of which she’s accustomed, and 3.) for those of you forced onto ObamaCare: ‘Some will live and some will die’. Pray that the web site never works.

Ya know what’s the coolest thing about being president?  It isn’t maintaining America’s strength and world standing, improving the economy, and making a positive difference, (which are things that never interested him in the first place) it’s having famous people at your beck and call.

Know what else is cool? Killing people, even if it’s not the right ones.

Doing his part helping illegals break the law:  He pushed the Feds looked the other way while his illegal alien Aunt and Uncle got amnesty.

His regime has created an environment that condones  suppression of freedom of speech and religion for military service members identifying as Christians.  Radical muzzies, on the other hand, have nothing to fear.

Barky’s foreign policy deeds:

Obama and Hillary Clinton lied, covered up, and spun the Benghazi terrorist attack to sickening depths;  gagging eyewitnesses and survivors from telling the truth.

He gave another $500 million to Palestinian bomb throwers, paid tribute to his muzzie terrorist pals for Ramadan, sent more F-16s to the Islamofascists in Egypt, royally screwed the pooch on Syria, caved on Iran, gets owned (again) by Vladimir Putin, North Korea keeps thumbing its nose at him, and China continues its military buildup.

Secretary of State John “Band-aid” Kerry’s contribution to the War on Women:  kissing the ass of fetid muzzie misogynists, and trying to give the International Women of Courage Award to a Hitler-quoting, anti-Semitic muslim female.

I feel so much safer with these douchebags in charge.

Next up:

The Congressional Dem scumbags carried on their usual hypocrisy, hubris, and abuse of power.

They spent 2013 just like the last 5 years; foaming-at-the-mouth epithets, name-calling, and nasty invectives toward American citizens who oppose ObamaCare and want a halt to the insane tax and spend orgy.

Their ‘new civility’  involves death threats, racial slurs, sexist comments, and filthy diatribes.

Racist bigot Charlie Rangel accused the Tea Party of being ‘the same group of “White Crackers” who fought against Civil Rights’.

The Dem politicians have shown they are not ready to give up on shoving ObamaCare down America’s throat while they exempt themselves from the consequences. If you think they’re going to sign up, you’ve got another thing coming.

Like Kathleen Sebelius, Filthy Harry Reid doesn’t work for the little people either, and he violated Senate rules by pulling the very ‘nuclear option’ he blasted eight years ago by shutting down filibusters for all executive and judicial appointments.

Dems are still going bonkers over the fact that illegal immigration is against the law and illegal aliens are law-breaking criminals.


The LeftProgs at large:

2013 was another year of gun control nutbags screaming for more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, and politicizing murderous wackjobs who couldn’t care less about gun laws to begin with.

When terrorists set off deadly bombs at the Boston Marathon, leftwing cockroaches immediately crawled out of the woodwork to blame everything from the Tea Party and the GOP, to the NRA, the sequester, and Tax Day.

After they were identified as Chechen muslims, the media went into full slobbering pity party. One of them got the rock star treatment on a Rolling Stone cover.

Wealthy race pimp Jesse Jackson, who has no visible means of support, vented his spleen about “white privilege”. 

The Martin Luther King memorial march was used as a racist forum, against whites and American values and principles.


Obama’s media toadies worked overtime to spin his fuckups:

Obama worshiper Harvey Weinstein: Obama isn’t embarrassing, it’s the Constitution-loving, outspoken Obama critics who are ’embarrassing’.

Newsweek paid him another homage.

Chris Matthews, Obama’s primary performer of fellatio,  gushed ‘Obama came amongst us’ during a recent interview, and actually had the vulgar stupidity to accuse the Republicans of ‘wanting to stop minorities from voting.’ That, of course, is an allusion to his pissiness over voter ID laws which stipulate that a voter must present a valid ID.  Most states require proof of residency and identification. Illegals, which are part of the Dem voting bloc, usually need a bit of help from the Dems, in the form of widespread voter fraud.

The  media’s ‘if you don’t like Obama, you’re a raaaaaaacist!’ meme continues.

None of the MSM media conglomerate spent any real time reporting on the corrupt, scandal ridden Obama regime. Fox News was the only outlet with the integrity to be outraged over Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, DOJ, and Fast and Furious.

The George Zimmerman trial and subsequent acquittal, gave the media hacks and race baiters grand mal seizures.

The epidemic of black on white hate crimes has gone totally unreported in the main stream media.  The Obama regime, which refuses to acknowledge  anything that cannot be exploited for political gain, claims not to be familiar with any of it. After hundreds of ‘Knockout’ crimes committed by black perps against whites, Eric Holder crawled out from under his rock and decided to prosecute a lone white kid who pulled the stunt.

We have to put up with this petty little tyrant until 2016, when he is finally passed out of the White House like a turd that’s been impacted in the nation’s colon for eight years.

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