2020 Asshat(s) of the Year

This year the award goes to the hysterical COVIDIOTS, Antifa goons, BLM thugs, and the usual gang of DemProg idiots.

The list was extensive. Here are just some examples:

The Dem constituency and RINOs who voted for Biden. 

The COVIDIOCY police state and anyone who participated in or fed into the politicized hysteria.

The CDC wants to issue “vaccination cards” to prove you got the covid shot. What’s next? Yellow stars on everyone’s clothes? 

Anthony Fauci, who is an incompetent unethical liar. He also managed to find his inner tyrant by telling people to “Do as you’re told”, a remark that did not go over well with Americans.

Oregon’s health minister applied clown makeup to announce covid fatalities.  The entire state is a fucking circus. 

A cafe in Germany made customers wear swimming pool noodle ‘social distancing’ hats while another in Maryland is used “bumper tables” that look like something you’d see in a kindergarten:


The mask nazis who attacked people for not living in fear.

The crapweasels in Missouri who reported people for ‘violating’ the unconstitutional lockdown. Somewhere, Heinrich Himmler is smiling.

The Antifa/BLM thugs who riot, assault, loot, murder, and burn neighborhoods.  Media hacks praised the violence but really hated it when the goons showed up in their gated communities. They really hated getting called out on their hypocrisy. 

It’s hard to see the “peaceful arson” with your head up your ass:


BLM rioters demanded the removal of statues they knew nothing about. 

Boston libs remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln emancipating the slaves. You can’t reason with morons who deem reason itself to be racist.

A Facebook page celebrating dead cops doesn’t violate their ‘community standards’. 

Dem Seattle Mayor Jenny Derpkan for allowing Antifa/BLM thugs to set up and run a violent “autonomous zone”.

Following a surge in robberies and carjackings, the Minneapolis city government told citizens to ‘ prepare’ to be robbed and to obey criminals’. In other words, criminals in Minneapolis are encouraged to mug people, and victims are expected to go along with it. 

Black radical shitbags who take the politicized virus to its inevitable “racist” conclusion:


Chick-fil-A, once known for the courage to stand up to the LGBT mob, pandered to the BLM thugs and got looted for the trouble. 

A little black anarchist saw Trump yard signs, destroyed them, and got caught:



Keith Olbermann for being his usual asshole self:


B. Hussein Obama, who is still walking around free in spite of breaking the law and violating the Constitution, made a sick joke about Navy SEALS being dispatched to drag President Trump out of the White House.  That’s fucking rich coming from a limp-wristed cunt who left 6 SEALS to die in Benghazi because of his depraved indifference.  He also claims that President Trump exploited Americans who were “spooked by a black man in the White House.”  B. Hussein always resorts to skin color when his logic fails.  Speaking of which, he attacked white males and Hispanics for leaving the Dem plantation.

An Oregon county exempts ‘non-whites’ from mask mandate because of “racism”.

CNN’s unhinged TDS lunacy.        

Dem Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer sent angry texts to Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett who dared to thank President Trump for his promotion of hydroxychloroquine, which both she and her physician confirmed helped her recover from covid.

Speaking of Whitmer, she’s also this year’s DemProg Grinch who wanted to steal Christmas. She used a zoom call involving Santa Claus and scripted questions from children to push the message that families should not visit each other over Christmas.

A writer for liberal rag Atlantic wishes the unemployment numbers were higher.  The devastating lockdown effect on Trump’s economic success wasn’t enough. 

An illegal alien who got a free ride through Harvard at taxpayers’ expense, hates it here, and penned a diatribe calling America a “fucking racist country”. She also said the government “wants us all dead, Latins, black people, they want us dead and sometimes they’ll slip something into our bloodstream to kill us slowly and sometimes they’ll shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot until their bloodlust is satisfied.”  Well, too bad it isn’t working well enough.

The left-wing media campaign against Trump includes declaring that he should be charged with homicide over a Chinese virus. 

The dingbat mayor of Baltimore asked the city’s murderous thugs to stop what they were doing so that hospital beds would be available for covid patients. Come to think of it, gang-banging homies usually end up on a slab, not a hospital bed.

The retards at Rolling Stone keep jumping sharks:


“Feminist” author Sophie Lewis says the covid outbreak is the ‘excellent time to practice abolishing the family‘. Too bad her mother didn’t swallow. 

You can’t make up this shit: Zachary Antolak, an “LGBT activist”, began as a gay man but now identifies as a lesbian woman named Zinnia Jones. He’s in a polyamorous relationship with another lesbian named Heather and a ‘trans woman’ named Penny. Antolak thinks all children should be put on puberty blockers until a decision is made as to what gender they are going to be. This mentally ill sack of shit should be put in a padded cell. 

A tranny social media moderator bragged on a live stream about having the “power” to censor critics. He also likes to prance around in his back yard acting like a deer while munching on grass.


Goodyear’s woke bigotry:


This twat, who thinks that saying “Merry Christmas” is ‘racist’:


The backlash really hurt her feelz; she protected her tweets immediately.

The perpetually triggered “Words Matter Task Force” snowflakes at the University of Michigan have decided that certain words such as “picnic” and “brown bag” are ‘offensive’.  Included in the so-called problematic words are “privileged account,” “handicapped,” “blacklist,” “crazy,” “grandfathered,” and “dummy.”  The last word in that list describes the ‘task force’. 

Boxer Jake Paul was asked if his KO of former NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match, was “racist”. 

This crazy mask nazi who terrified kids in a store:

This moron is a teacher:


A guy who removed himself from the gene pool by ingesting fish tank cleaner was described as “intelligent”.

The current crop of 20-something geniuses has added toilet seat licking to their repertoire of eating Tide pods and hiding in cry closets. Just think, they’re allowed to vote…and breed.

This is why the Pulitzer joins the Nobel prize as being a joke: The award went to a moron who wrote an essay claiming that the Revolutionary War ‘was fought to preserve slavery’. A lib journo tried to justify the fiction

An idiot teacher in Baltimore spied on a student during a virtual class and called the cops because she saw a big scary Red Ryder BB gun hanging on his wall. 

The Dem-controlled state of Virginia released a rapist from prison because of over-inflated covid numbers, and the motherfucker promptly murdered his victim.

Unhinged black radical accuses Asian tea shop of ‘appropriating black culture’ because the name of the shop is  “Trap Tea,” and it’s not ‘black-owned’.

The New York Times spews more anti-white racism, castigates “nice white parents” for caring about their children.

California Dem District Attorney Diane Becton ordered attorneys to consider the looter’s needs before filing charges against them.  Evidently, they haven’t shown up in her neighborhood yet. 

The leftwing rag Atlantic, for printing a debunked story of  ‘anonymous claims’ that President Trump disparaged American war dead. 

Netflix, for showing a child porn film called “Cuties”, which shows them twerking, performing sexualized dance scenes, and mimicking heterosexual and lesbian sex acts filmed before an adult audience.  The shitbags who produced this hideous pedophile garbage should be hauled into jail along with the parents who allowed their children to be exploited. 

Iconic doll Barbie has gone full woke with a video teaching young kids about “white privilege”.  I still want to know where the fuck my privilege went.

Muzzie Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf, a member of the Scottish Parliament, helped push a ‘hate crimes’ bill that would criminalize family dinner table conversations if their ‘offensive’ content is reported to the police.  Oh, and he also ranted that the vast majority of senior positions in Scottish authority were filled by white people.  Newsflash, goat fucker: Scotland is a country inhabited by white people.  Don’t like it? GTFO. 

The Brits, who get more totalitarian by the day, have prohibited school children from using utensils for lunch because of “covid”. They have to use their fingers to eat mashed potatoes.  The U.K. Home Secretary encourages neighbors to snitch on each other for ‘breaking covid’ rules.  COVID marshals are also patrolling the streets peering through letterboxes and windows to ensure bars and restaurants are observing a new 10 pm closing curfew.  Students at universities who have been placed under de facto house arrest were also threatened with police action after they posted anti-lockdown signs in their windows.  A television commercial for the NHS terrifies children by showing Santa Claus wheeled into a hospital on the verge of dying from COVID. Britain is fucked.

In Melbourne Australia, cops can enter homes without a warrant to “spot check” covid bot complicity

Scotland has gone full fascist retard. Cops crashed a 10-year-old’s birthday party for ‘violating covid rules’ after neighbors reported them.

Sweden has morphed into an Islamofascist satellite: The father of a 19-year-old Swedish man who was killed by a Sudanese muzzie ‘migrant’ while trying to prevent a woman from being raped has been forced by the media to defend his son after suggestions the victim was a “Nazi.”

A department store Santa Claus acted more like the Grinch when he scolded a boy who asked for a Nerf Gun for Christmas.

Socialist idiot Ocasio-Cortez is selling swag including a “tax the rich” T-shirt, for a hefty profit.

Dishonorable mentions:

Fox News, for its spiral down into the leftwing abyss.

RINOs Mitt Romney and Christine Todd Whiteman for being bootlickers for the Dems at their convention.

Mike DeWine, for coming up with ridiculous shit in his efforts to ‘curb covid’. 

And the “community guardian” pussies at WordPress.com for suspending my first Foxhole blog for no other explanation than “not aligning with the terms of service”. My entire media library was lost and links to posts are broken. 

To Aline,  Cairo, and the rest of the twatwaffles at WordPress.com: Fuck you.

Matt Mullenweg, CEO WordPress.com


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