2021 Asshat(s) of the Year

The Biden regime’s corruption, incompetence, and toxic autocracy could fill volumes. He’s Obama 2.0. In just one year, he’s fucked up our economy, made foreign policy into mush, trampled civil liberties, and pushed a schizophrenic Covid propaganda campaign that includes endless jabs and unlimited strains.

The impact of Biden’s depravity gets worse by the day.


Foreign Policy:

Botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American service members killed and armed the Taliban with an arsenal of weapons. The Taliban, which now controls the country, has unveiled their suicide bomber unit.

Flooding America with thousands of Afghan “refugees”, many of whom are terrorists and criminals.  Two of them just got charged with federal crimes, including sexual assault on a minor.

He gave Vladimir Putin a list of things he’s ‘not supposed to hack’.

Zach Vertin, a senior advisor to Biden’s U.N. Ambassador, met with a Chinese Communist Party think tank to push Beijing’s ‘preferred policies.’

John Kerry, Biden’s “Climate Envoy” colluded with Iran to undermine U.S. foreign policy. He also gave details to Iran about Israel’s military operations. It fits in with Biden’s deletion of Iran from the list of terrorist nation-states.

Biden’s State Department prioritizes “International Pronouns Day” over foreign policy disasters.

Biden ignores D Day choosing instead to Tweet about the 1921 ‘Tulsa Massacre’.

Biden decided it would be a good idea to let the world, including America’s enemies, know the actual size of our nuclear arsenal.

During the Alaska summit, the ChiComs mocked Biden’s incompetency and had a field day with Tony Blinken.


Border disaster:

shitload of Haitians at the border. (How the hell did they get there?) The government plans to send them home. Too bad they won’t do the same with south-of-the-border illegals.

Biden stopped the construction of our border wall, but helps the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan build a border security facility to keep out Afghan ‘refugees’.

Del Rio Texas has as many as 10,000 illegals at the border.  In response, Gov. Abbott has shut down points of entry to curb the invasion.

Biden’s FAA tried to stop Fox News’ coverage of the huge illegal alien nightmare at the border.

Hundreds of illegals are literally being snuck into the country in the middle of the night.

Biden wants to give thousands of dollars to illegal alien families who are separated at the border.

Biden blocks ICE account that warned citizens about criminal illegal aliens.


Domestic tyranny:

He wants to give the IRS more access to your bank account.

Campaign of covidiocy hyperboleunconstitutional mandatesjackbooted ideas, and blatant lies.

Fauci’s malfeasance, perjury, and ties to the Wuhan Lab.

The Dem regime has declared war on freedom because they know Americans don’t tolerate their socialist wet dreams.

The Dem’s second bogus impeachment shitshow went down in flames.


Biden’s mind is gone:

The Dems have no shame. They foisted this sorry sack of shit into power and refuse to accept responsibility for the carnage.  They heave bile at anyone who dares to criticize the cuck-in-chief.

Biden doesn’t have the cognitive ability to realize what he’s doing.  He’s not even making his own decisions. Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff is running the circus.

His staff has to jump through hoops to deflect from his insane rants and incoherent rambling.

Our allies shake their heads and our enemies laugh their asses off. They got the White House regime they wanted, complete with disastrous consequences.

Every time his regime creates a crisis, he high tails it to Delaware.

During the G7 conference, his declining mental health was on full display.


The “Woke” military:

The military is being destroyed by disloyal military brass. with the objective of purging the ranks of any vestiges of patriotism and warrior ethos.

Joint Chief of Staff General Mark “White Rage” Milley forces racist CRT on the military and committed treason by colluding with the Chi Coms and planning a coup against President Trump.  He also compared Trump supporters to Nazis. That includes veterans who served this country.

While the military is being force-fed  “woke” indoctrination, the Chi Coms are becoming a bigger threat.

Pushing covidiocy on servicemembers who are young and in excellent physical fitness, two categories that are nearly immune to the dangers of COVID, and forcing out thousands who decline the jab.

“The 7 tenets of Satanism” was displayed on a PowerPoint that the Army used to justify mandatory vaccines to the troops.

The Sergeant Major of the Army is more concerned about ‘diversity’ than combat readiness.

CENTCOM Commander General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr praised the Taliban and  shared information with the terrorist group to “prevent attacks”.  It failed miserably at Kabul.

An Army battalion commander at Fort Carson flung racial comments at white Soldiers.

In what was aptly described as a “microcosm of the American military’s cultural rot”, an Army general made an ass of himself when a college student questioned his hysterical attempts to promote the COVID vaccine.


The destruction of the economy:

Food and gas prices skyrocket.

Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs, but helped the Russians construct their own pipeline. Fruitcake Pete Buttigieg, the Department of Transportation Secretary, told the pipeline workers to “get new jobs”.

Inflation is soaring.  According to BLS, the cost of many goods and services have increased significantly over the past year:

  • Gasoline has increased 45.1 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Energy 24.5 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Bacon has increased 8.4 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Fresh fish and seafood has increased 6.4 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Fresh whole milk increased 7.5 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Fresh fruits increased 8.4 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Major appliances increased 13.7 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Furniture and bedding increased 8.6 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Footwear increased 6.5 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Airfares increased 24.6 percent in the past 12 months.
  • Commodities have collectively increased 9 percent in the past 12 months.


Biden’s out of control spending could cost taxpayers $3.5 trillion.  The “infrastructure” and “covid” bills are full of pandering to leftwing agendas and lining the pockets of corrupt partisan hacks.

The supply chain bottleneck can be directly attributed to the Biden regime’s paying American workers to stay home and vax mandates that forced thousands of people out of their jobs. As a result, companies cannot find the labor to drive trucks, offload ships, fill orders, or do any of the other millions of jobs needed to keep our supply chain moving.



Violent crime has spiked off the charts thanks to the Dems’ defund the police agenda and the refusal of Dem prosecutors to actually keep thugs in jail and charge them with the crimes they commit.

At least 12 major U.S. cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021. Guess which party runs them.

Mass looting in Dem-controlled cities.

Portland has collapsed under the weight of pro Antifa and BLM violence.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, the same corrupt motherfucker who raided the homes of Scott Walker supporters, for policies that allowed criminal thug Darrell Brookes  to walk free until he plowed thorough a group of people during a Christmas parade in Waukesha.



The Biden Crime Family Syndicate has financial ties to the ChiComs. As if to emphasize the point, Hunter Biden banged a Chinese spy.

The Biden family knew about Hunter’s child molestation allegations. On that note, Hunter Biden admitted that his laptop contains evidence of child porn and his family’s graft, which corruptocrats suppressed during the 2020 campaign.

Joe Biden was privy to Hunter’s illegal business deals.

Time Magazine bragged about a “secret, well funded cabal” that rigged the 2020 election.


His socialist hyena VP isn’t any better:

Kammy Harris is a  commie radical who slept her way into political influence with Willie Brown. In 2018, she accused a SCOTUS nominee of rape even though there was no evidence to support the charge. She tried to ruin his life. In 2020, a violent rapist was shot by police after resisting arrest. She ignored his victim and instead, visited the criminal in the hospital telling him she was “proud of him”.  She also bailed out several violent BLM thugs and convicted criminals — at least one with a markedly violent history out of jail.  The bail fund she created allowed thugs to walk free and commit murder.

Her woke speech at the Naval Academy graduation ceremony fell flat.

She’s an incompetent cackling idiot who guffaws at serious questions.

She fled the country during the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

She commemorated Memorial Day with a pithy Tweet that totally ignored the sacrifice of veterans who made the day possible.

She’s such an insufferable lout that her staff is leaving in droves.


Dem party malfeasance:

Andrew Cuomo resigned over the sex scandals, but he should have been charged with murder.

The Minneapolis Democratic Party chair praised the torching of the police precinct by antifa thugs as ‘righteous’.

Dems have pretty selective ideas on riots.

Racist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will grant interviews only to ‘black or brown’ reporters.

Maxine Waters dropped by Brooklyn Center Minnesota to encourage more violence.

Texas Democratic Party official called Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) an “oreo.”


Dems’ corruption and government persecution over the 6 January MAGA protest:

Since 6 January, FBI gestapo targeted an innocent man for attending President Trump’s 6 January rally, raided the wrong home in Alaska looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, arrested a man for standing inside the capitol and waving a Trump banner, confiscated a Lego set from an “insurrectionist” and asked that citizens turn in their “extremist friends and relatives“.

The home of Thomas Caldwell, a former lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy, was raided by 20 Feds who physically assaulted him, threw him into the back of a cruiser and hauled him off to jail. His crime? Supporting the protest. Caldwell never entered the Capitol building, has no criminal record, and honorably served the country for 20 years in the military, but Judge Joel Hoppe agreed with the government to keep him behind bars. “The conduct and the statements of Mr. Caldwell . . . it really just is pure lawlessness and contempt for laws of this country,” Hoppe said, referring to some of Caldwell’s Facebook posts and texts.  In other words, speak out against government corruption and be sent to the gulag.

The imprisonment of the 6 January protesters who are being held without due process while Antifa and BLM thugs skate out of the consequences of their violence. The Feds refuse to prosecute. Their only crime was to demand accountability from the hallowed halls of corruption. They are Biden’s political prisoners.  They have been beaten and attacked by the jail guards who make then endure Shawshank conditions.  The FBI’s role in the protest, including the infiltration of informants has been covered up.  The sham 6 January ‘committee’ refuses to acknowledge the police brutality against peaceful protesters.

Michael Leroy Byrd, the capitol cop who got away with the murder of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, was investigated in 2019 for leaving his service weapon laying unattended in a Capitol bathroom. The firearm was Byrd’s service Glock 22, the same style weapon that was reportedly used to murder Babbitt.

The Dems have created a system of bullying and persecution of political opponents. This shit usually happens in Communist countries and Banana Republics. now it’s happening here.


Fauci, the Patron Saint of Wuhan:

Anthony Fauci’s NIH spent thousands of dollars on Frankenstein operations, grafting scalps from aborted fetuses on rats and mice and conducting cruel experiments on dogs, monkeys, and children.
He and HHS officials discussed how to enforce vaccines by exploiting viruses from China.
Fauci once declared that kids could get AIDS through casual contact.
Motivated by power and greed, Fauci funded the lab in Wuhan China that genetically modified covid, and lied about it.


Covid Karens and out of control authorities:

A man was forced off a plane in the Netherlands because the government determined that based on his travel history, which they have been tracking, ‘he might someday get COVID’.

As if NYC didn’t have any real crime, jackbooted cops began arresting unvaccinated Americans during indoor “compliance checks”

Biden’s “mandate” exempts the elites in Congress from the jab.

A California man in cardiac arrest dies after paranoid paramedics refuse to enter the building to render treatment because of “some Covid 19 law”.  The assholes should be fired and charged with depraved indifference murder.

As if one suffocation device wasn’t enough, Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, says you should wear at least four masks. 

The UK and Australia have gone full fascist over covid, using it as an opportunity to abolish civil liberties.

Karma: Rabid pro-vax cardiologist who said he ‘won’t cry at the funeral of unvaxed people’, dies in his sleep two weeks after his third jab.

Corrupt hospital officials at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina, discussed methods of pushing covid scare tactics. 
Caught on Project Veritas under cover video: FDA official declares “we just need to blow dart black Americans” who are unvaccinated.

After living like a hermit for 18 months, an idiot doctor got covid anyway.

Leftwing California congressional candidate Steve Cox, wants to shoot people who refuse to take the jab.

The DHS declared that American citizens who challenge authoritarian government mandates are “domestic terrorists”.

Biden wants to send a “task force” door-to door to “assist” with vax efforts.

A compilation of mask-wearing covidiots and their unhinged behavior, HERE.

Big Pharma is making billions off of the covid jabs.

The California Air National Guard was on standby for a “possible domestic mission” during the start of the covid panic.

Covidiot Robert Kovner, 62, who lives in Sebring, Florida, posted a threat on Facebook to shoot anyone he saw not wearing a mask.

Mentally ill HuffPo mask Karen has meltdown on train. 

California health inspector does happy dance after telling business owner to shut down over “covid violations”. Turns out she was wrong.

The attorney for a mom whose son committed suicide during the draconian lockdown received vulgar harassing voicemails from a retarded incel. 

The mask nazis goosestep on civil liberties:  British supermarket Morrisons called the police on a disabled man who was medically exempt from wearing a face mask after attempting to make him wear a yellow sticker.


The CDC is full of retards. And tyrants:

A CDC document discussed relocating “high risk individuals” to camps.

CDC officials warned against cheering at parties and during the Super Bowl.

CDC urged vaxxed people to pressure their unvaxxed friends and relatives into getting the jab.

Throughout the entire scamdemic, the CDC has flip-flopped and contradicted itself to the point where its lost all credibility.


Leftwingnuts at large:

Unhinged lunatic pizza delivery driver goes bonkers over display of Trump flag. When you look at his mother, you see where he got his behavior.

The mother of the Virginia skirt-wearing teen age boy who sexually assaulted teen age girls in two different high schools, blames the victims.

Medical schools have joined the ‘gender identity’ insanity by denying biological sex.

The National Archives put a “trigger warning” on a page hosting the U.S. Constitution. Evidently, the Checks and Balances and The Bill of Rights upset liberal snowflakes.

Unhinged Prog wants to send Trump supporters to ‘deprogramming camps‘.

Doctors from around the country meet on Zoom to discuss treating patients based on their race. 

‘Free speech activists’ want the government to suppress free speech. 

Liberals claim free speech is a threat to democracy.



Anti-gun nut Alec Baldwin’s Tweets didn’t age well. 

When Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty and justified in using self defense against a horde of Antifa thugs, Hollywood had a collective meltdown.  When Rittenhouse broke down on the stand when he recalled the shooting, the contingent of drama queens called him a ‘bad actor’.

Hollywood joins the Dems in a massive freak out when Joe Manchin gives a thumbs down to Biden’s socialist “build back better” crap.

Celebrities who backed convicted hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett, were strangely silent after his conviction.


Big Tech:

Facebook Oversight Board co-chair: “free speech is not a human right“.

Facebook wants you to report “extremists”; people who are opponents of Facebook’s political friends.

Big Tech plans censorship on a global scale.

Twitter conducts massive purge of conservative accounts.


Every day the libs get crazier:

Bi-racial student told to ‘confess his “white dominance”.

San Francisco school board spent hours debating whether gay father of mixed race daughter is diverse enough for all female volunteer group.  That kind of “diversity” really put them into a tailspin. Public comments included many saying the council didn’t need another white person, even if he is gay, as other “voices need to be heard first before white queer voices.” Some even likened his appointment to “white supremacy.”

Toys are now labeled “gender neutral“.

A cartoon skunk “perpetuates the rape culture“.


The Media:

Black racist publishes her prayers that justify her hatred of white people.

CNN: ‘Black and brown Americans embrace the ideas of white supremacy“.

Politico finally admits what we already knew about the Hunter Biden laptop.

Black radical hack at the NYT is triggered by the American flag.

Jeffrey Toobin is back on CNN in spite of jacking off during a Zoom call with colleagues.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace thinks lockdown critics and election protesters are ‘terrorists who should be hit with drone strikes’.

USA Today toady Hemal Jhaveri blamed white people for the muzzie slaughter in Colorado.

Retard Chris Cuomo thinks white kids should be killed in the name of “police reform”.


CRT in Education:

Arizona school board president published secret dossier on parents who oppose CRT and mask mandates.

Fascist teachers in Virginia compile list of parents who protested racist CRT to plot war against them.

Parent who objected to CRT indoctrination was barred from his own daughter’s graduation.

de Blasio does away with the gifted student program because ‘equity’.  If every one can’t be gifted, then no one is.


BLM/Antifa thugs:

Marxist BLM founder hates whitey so much, she bought homes in affluent white communities.  She couldn’t find any good real estate in the ‘hood.
In Minnesota, BLM activists stopped protesting a fatal police shooting after learning that the man involved in the incident was a white carjacking suspect.

A BLM moron in Boise smeared feces all over a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The same Lincoln who signed the Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery.

Antifa terrorists violently attacked a Christian prayer group gathered on the waterfront in Downtown Portland.

Ax-wielding Antifa thug in North Dakota attacked a Republican senator’s office.  The Feds let him off with probation.


The jackboots who occupy weaponized/politicized government agencies:

A school district sent armed agents to the homes of parents who express concern over the school board’s policies.

Merrick Garland insists that “white supremacists” are the greatest threat to the country.

The FBI goes full Gestapo on press freedom and Project Veritas.

The FBI targets parents who fight CRT indoctrination.

FBI and NICS are illegally red flagging conservatives through a secret database.

NSA turns its spying apparatus on Tucker Carlson.

The FBI made posts on various social media, recommending that “family members and peers” turn people in to the FBI if they suspect them of “homegrown violent extremism”.  Only conservatives, libertarians, and outspoken patriots are subject to this recommendation. Communists, anarchists, BLM thugs, Antifa, and muzzie terrorists are exempt.

The US Postal Service conducts covert ops to monitor social media posts to track “inflammatory” comments made by Americans.

Covering for their own: The FBI agent who falsified the Carter Page FISA application gets probation.

Biden’s goons raided Rudy Giuliani’s home. His offense: being Trump’s lawyer — that, and having the gall to try to learn more about what exactly Joe Biden and his son were doing in Ukraine several years ago. The Justice Department announced that asking too many questions about Biden’s dealings in Ukraine is now a crime.

A pro-Trump meme maker was indicted by the feds for using the social media platform to ‘spread election disinformation’ to Hillary Clinton voters in 2016. His crime?  Posting the message: “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925. Vote for Hillary and be a part of history”.  According to the complaint, more than 4,900 retarded Dems ‘cast their vote via text message.’ But it’s okay when the shitlibs do it.  Remember when Hillary Clinton paid a foreign operative to create a fake dossier and use the FBI to commit fraud?  She has never been indicted.


Corporate ideologues

Disney labels the Muppet Show as “racist”.

Food brands have fallen victim to the abyss of the social justice mob.

Case bank purges the accounts of conservative activists.

Companies start dropping customers they oppose politically.

LinkedIn incorporated “be less white” diversity training.


Academic Intelligentsia

Mentally ill Dems are teaching your kids in government schools. Pre-school teacher: “I start conversations about gender and sexuality with my students”.

Rutgers defended a racist black professor who went on a rant against “white mother fuckers”.

NY “Teacher of the Year” complains when parents object to indoctrination.

Black radicals in academia use their position as a platform to spew anti-white racism. 

Florida school board member bragged about taking elementary school children to a gay bar. 

A professor in Toronto mocks 9/11 anniversaries as a “dumb little annual pity party”.

Muzzie jihadist told high school graduating class to ‘remember jihad‘.

Boston school system cancels advanced learning classes because “racial inequality”.

Brainwashed into accepting the “blame whitey” syndrome: White high school student falsely accused of racist messages sides with the black perp. 

Segregation makes a comeback thanks to woke liberals and BLM.

Jim Crow is rearing its ugly head as well.


Dishonorable Mentions:

Salvation Army sees drop in donations after demanding white donors ‘apologize for being racist’. The red kettle people will never get another donation from me.

GW Bush paints patriot protesters as “violent extremists” and compares 6 January with 9/11.  No mention of real domestic terrorist like Antifa and BLM.

Gene Simmons, for calling unvaxxed people who choose common sense and and freedom over fear, “the enemy”.


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