3 Senior Biden Intel Officials Have Ties to Hamas and Iran

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According to former chief of staff to the Department of Defense (DOD) Kash Patel, three senior Biden intelligence officials have shocking ties to Hamas and Iran.

Speaking to Steve Bannon on Thursday, Patel named Robert Malley, Ariane Tabatabai, and Maher Bitar — three senior-level intelligence officials in the Biden administration.

“The intelligence issues by the Biden administration, reprioritizing away from the southern border, away from terrorists, away from Iran, away from China — do you know who they are being made by?” Patel asked.

Maher Bitar, Senior Director for Intelligence Programs on Biden’s National Security Council, “is solely responsible for prioritizing what collection efforts on intelligence are Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 for President Biden,” he explained.

Patel went on to describe a recently found photo of Bitar “wearing Palestinian garb, raising a hand, behind a picture that said, ‘We want Jewish apartheid.’”

“This is the guy in charge of intelligence operations for the United States of America,” he stressed.

“Biden’s number one envoy,” Patel continued, is Robert Malley, “the guy who is supposed to be keeping us out of a war in Iran had his security clearance suspended by Chris Wray’s FBI, of all people, just two months ago. You gotta ask, ‘Why?’”

“Because an individual named Ariane Tabatabai, who, by the way, is currently running our Special Operations office at the Department of Defense, was installed there by Robert Malley.”

As BizPac Review reported, Tabatabai reportedly is part of the Iran Experts Initiative, an Iranian-backed influence operation.

“Concerns about Ms. Tabatabai are not new,” thirty Republican U.S. Senators wrote in a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin II earlier this month. “In March 2021, shortly after Ms. Tabatabai was appointed senior adviser in the Office of the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Iranian dissidents noted Ms. Tabatabai’s long history of echoing the Iranian regime’s talking points. In April 2021, several House members requested a review of Ms. Tabatabai’s security clearance. In response, the Biden administration dismissed these allegations as ‘smears and slander.’”

“Do you know what she did in 2014?” Patel noted. “She emailed Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and asked for permission as a U.S. citizen to take a trip on behalf of the US government. This individual is still employed at the DOD.”

“The Iranian regime has infiltrated the Biden administration,” Patel stated.

“These people have been installed by our enemies to distract away from protecting against American priorities at the border and taking out the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] and Iran,” he said.

“We are so f*****d,” declared journalist Lara Logan.

“This is the most outrageous national security breach imaginable & yet we hear nothing from the Republican controlled House?” she wrote on X. “Nothing except whining about who will be speaker.”

“I saw U.S. Soldiers shredded on the Iraqi battlefield by Iranian bombs & interviewed Iranian diplomats who told me how much they looked forward to killing more Americans & this Admin puts Iran’s spies into positions of power inside the U.S. govt?” she continued. “Shame on you. Shame on every leader in this country & every military leader. You are a disgrace.”

“How many more spies are there? How infiltrated is this government? You think it’s just the thousands of military aged males who’ve crossed the southern border?” she asked. “Apparently not.”


Robert Malley aided and abetted Islamic despots in Tehran.

The enemy has already started an invasion of America.  Now they sit in our government.

A staffer–Diala Qasem–who advises Dem congressman Andre Carson on Middle Eastern policy, shared messages on her Instagram account sympathizing with Hamas after the terrorist organization killed more than 1,000 Israelis in a bloody attack on a music festival. Qasem is also President of the Congressional Middle Eastern and North African Staff Association, according to her LinkedIn. Carson has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a major terrorist facilitating group.

The U.S. immigration enforcement agency hired Nejwa Ali, a former spokeswoman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and put her in a position to determine who gets to come into the country as an immigrant or “asylum seeker.”  Just great. All we need is more muzzie terrorists being shipped into the country by a government insider.

Rashida Tlaib (MI) , wore a Palestinian flag to her victory celebration.

Ilhan Omar, (MN) has expressed abject hatred for Israel and wants it wiped off the map. Omar took her oath of office on a fucking Quran and married her own brother to get him into the country.

Places like Dearborn, MichiganHamtramck, Michigan, and Minneapolis, Minnesota have turned into radical muzzie enclaves.

Minnesota is a state known for embracing Islamofascists and far-Left DemProg shit stainsIslamic insurgency is flooding the state.  It’s become a hotbed for muzzie extremists. It leads the nation in would-be ISIS members; Minneapolis is a major recruiting center.  The Somali population in the state is producing its fair share of terrorists.  They travel overseas to join al-Shabab, the al-Qaida affiliate in Somalia, and ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  There’s nothing to stop them from reentering the U.S. and committing more terrorist acts here.

Al Qaeda holds Death To The West conferences in  Chicago and Jamaat Al Fuqra terrorists have established training centers within our own borders.  The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab-American Action Network, and CAIR, three major facilitators of Islamic terrorism, operate freely in the United States.

The next terrorist attack on America will make 9/11 look like a picnic.

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