6 Jan Protesters Motivated by Loyalty and Anger Over Corruption, not ‘Insurrection’

Jonathan Turley

According to The Crimson, Harvard has completed what it calls the most comprehensive study of the motivations of those involved in the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. Many will not be surprised to learn that most participated out of loyalty to former President Donald Trump. However, the study also found that only eight percent harbored “a desire to start a civil war.” That is inconsistent with the virtual mantra out of the J6 Committee and many in Congress that this was an insurrection rather than a riot. Some of us (including many in the public) have previously questioned that characterization. Yet, it reflects the relatively small number of seditious conspiracy charges brought by the Justice Department.

The study found that a plurality of the 417 federally charged defendants were motivated by the “lies about election fraud and enthusiasm for his re-election.” It concluded that “[t]he documents show that Trump and his allies convinced an unquantifiable number of Americans that representative democracy in the United States was not only in decline, but in imminent, existential danger.”

The study also found that belief in QAnon “was one of the [defendants’] lesser motives.” The study was hardly pro-Trump and one author even expressed surprise with the results since conspiracy theories “were so prominently displayed in much of the [riot’s] visual imagery.”

Once again, none of this exonerates or excuses those who rioted on January 6th or those who fueled the riot. However, the use of “insurrection” by the politicians, pundits, and the press is not an accurate characterization of the motivation of most of the people who went to the Capitol on that day…….

There is no question that there were people who came prepared for such a riot, including some who are extremists who likely would have welcomed a civil war. Yet, the vast majority of people on that day were clearly present to protest the certification and wanted Republicans to join those planning to challenge the election.

One of the key reasons for the resulting damage was the collapse of security at the Hill. The J6 Committee steadfastly refused to address the myriad of questions of why the Congress was not better prepared despite the obvious dangers of a riot (including warnings before January 6th).

The scenes of that day are seared in the memory of many of us. I publicly condemned Trump’s speech while it was being given and I called for a bipartisan vote of censure over his responsibility in the riots. However, there has been an unrelenting effort to make “insurrection” a litmus test for anyone speaking about January 6th. If one does not use that term (and, worse yet, expresses doubts about its accuracy), you run the risk of immediate condemnation as someone excusing or supporting insurrection. This framing also reduces the need to address the question of how this riot was allowed to spiral out of control.

It is possible to express revulsion about what happened on Jan. 6th without claiming that this was an insurrection and attempt to overthrow the nation. This was a collective tragedy for the entire nation, a desecration of our constitutional process. The effort to mandate “insurrection” as the only acceptable description prevents the country from speaking with a unified voice. It clearly serves political purposes but only makes a national resolution more difficult as we approach a new presidential election.


The ‘Save America’ protest by American patriots really was mostly peaceful, but the anger of those who stormed the Capitol out of sheer frustration and being fed up with corruption put a scare into the DemProgs and RINOs who are using the protest as an excuse to further denigrate anyone who won’t goosestep to the status quo.

The capitol is full of corruption, theft, and depravity. Tens of thousands of people peacefully protested outside while a relative few went inside the building. Antifa and BLM on the other hand, have rampaged across the country, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. They riot, commit arson, assault, murder, and vandalize.  They’ve destroyed businesses, police stations, and courthouses. They have zero respect for the rule of law. But patriots who stand up to their malfeasance scare the hell out of them.

The FBI framed the 6 January MAGA protesters by inserting undercover agents and informants in the crowd to encourage violence. It backfired, but that’s not stopping the Feds from persecuting people who simply wandered the hallways, stood outside the building, and peacefully protested.

The FBI’s role was intended to be subversive and to gather as much intelligence on the participants as possible.  Gee, if only they would use that tactic on the rampaging  Antifa and BLM thugs.

Why aren’t Luke Phillip Robinson and Ray Epps in solitary confinement with the rest of the political prisoners in their gulag?

The Jan 6 circus is run by DNC assclowns. There’s no cross examinations, no witnesses to refute any of the claims being made. It’s a one-sided shitshow meant to feed the simple minds of their liberal fans. The majority of Americans know it’s bullshit and realize that the Biden crime family and criminals like Antifa and BLM are given a free pass while weaponized agencies do what the DNC tells them to do. It’s a distraction from Biden’s failed economy, foreign policy, and his dementia.

When they finally quit the charade, President Trump will still be fine.

The FBI and DOJ won’t go after real malfeasants unless there’s a President that fires the corrupt directors and makes the agencies do their jobs instead of engaging in political persecutions.

The FBI and DOJ are rounding up dissidents and engaging in political persecutions. The Dems have turned the government into a machine that rivals the Stasi.  Look what they’ve done to people who protest the corrupt status quo and refuse to obey the regime. The FBI thugs raided the home of gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelley for just standing outside the capitol on January 6.

This is the kind of shit that happens in communist dictatorships and Banana Republics.

If there was any real justice, every fucking Antifa and BLM thug along with the entire corrupt Dem Party and the DNC-owned gang of judges and prosecutors would be under the fucking prison.



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