6 January Protest Defendant Rejects Feds’ ‘Deal’

Western Journal

A high-profile face of last year’s Capitol incursion is rejecting a plea deal from federal prosecutors, refusing an offer that would have cost him years in prison.

Richard Barnett entered the Capitol and was photographed sitting at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office desk during the incursion on Jan. 6, 2021.

Barnett faces a laundry list of federal charges. The deal would have required him to plead guilty to one of the charges.

Barnett’s defense attorney, Joseph McBride, announced that his client was rejecting the deal in a virtual pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, according to KARK-TV.

The charge to which Barnett would have had to plead guilty comes with a sentencing guideline of 70 to 87 months in prison.

……The lawyer said Barnett “wasn’t violent that day by any stretch of the imagination,” arguing that his actions didn’t merit lengthy imprisonment.

……The Arkansas man has come forward with accounts of abuse tantamount to torture that he faced in a Washington, D.C., jail.

Barnett says he was subjected to unsanitary conditions and violent threats from fellow detainees and guards in the facility.

McBride described the jail as “Guantanamo Bay for American citizens.”

Other Jan. 6 detainees have also come forward with allegations of inhumane and unconstitutional treatment, and officials at the D.C. Department of Corrections were even found in contempt of court in October for failing to provide one defendant with necessary medical treatment.

Barnett has pleaded not guilty to all eight charges he faces, and his trial is slated to begin in September.

One man charged for entering the Capitol on Jan. 6 was acquitted this month.

Hundreds of demonstrators have been charged for their actions at the Capitol that day, but none have been charged with sedition.


January 6 was a noble effort by hundreds of thousands of courageous Americans to protect their country from the Dems’ corrupt political machine.

The Dems are frightened of the American people. They hate anyone who knows the Constitution and Bill of Rights too much for their own good. The vast majority of the Save America/Stop the Steal protesters didn’t loot, burn, vandalize, assault, or murder anyone in your neighborhoods. They went right to the source of the corruption in this country—the Congress.

Government agencies have been politized and used as the enforcers of the nomenklatura against against American citizens who stand up to the tyranny of the Dem ruling class.

The FBI framed the 6 January MAGA protesters by inserting undercover agents and informants in the crowd to encourage violence. It backfired, but that’s not stopping the Feds from persecuting people who simply wandered the hallways, stood outside the building, and peacefully protested.

The FBI sewer rats were all over this protest.

The FBI’s role was intended to be subversive and to gather as much intelligence on the participants as possible.  Gee, if only they would use that tactic on the rampaging  Antifa and BLM thugs responsible for the destruction of neighborhoods, businesses, police stations, and courthouses.  The Feds refuse to prosecute.

American political prisoners have been held for more than 8 months in solitary confinement in 7X10 cells for 23 hours a day. These people have not been convicted of any crimes, they are being held in “pretrial detention” for trespassing the capitol halls of corruption on 6 January 2021. Their trials have not been set. They have been denied bail. They are not allowed to meet with lawyers in private. They have one hour a day for “exercise”, showers, and phone calls. They have been denied due process.

The 6 January protesters have been beaten and isolated by the guards.  Lawyers for one, a man called Ryan Samsel, say he was beaten so badly he has a skull fracture and is now blind in one eye.

One of them died awaiting trial. Another committed suicide.

The House Judiciary Committee should haul the DC gulag director up in front of a grand jury, along with the capitol cops who committed murder on 6 January.

Enough of this shit. The entire Biden regime, including his goons in the DOJ and FBI need to get another revolution that makes 1776 look like a minor scuffle. They all belong under the fucking prison.


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