9/11 Anniversary: Never Forget


I can think of about 3000 reasons right off the bat, as well as the rest of the heinous bloody aggression on the part of those who worship the “peaceful religion of Islam”.

Image of the World Trade Center attack:


And the Pentagon:



Photos of Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania:





Those brave Americans fought to the death to prevent the muslim hijackers from reaching Washington D.C. The plane was meant for the Capitol building. As shown in the photos, the plane disintegrated on impact.
Neal Boortz pointed out:

September 11th is right around the corner, and for the first time it is not going to be a day of remembrance. It is not going to be a day when we reflect on the tragedy of being attacked by Islamic goons. It is not going to be a day when we remember how our country stood united against the evil that wished harm upon our citizens, our liberty and our way of life – and acted on it. It is not going to be a day of honoring the victims whose lives were senselessly taken in the name of Allah. Thanks to the insensitivity of a few Muslims wanting to build a victory mosque near Ground Zero .. this September 11th is going to be political. You better be ready for the fight. We didn’t let 9/11 destroy our nation and we sure as hell aren’t going to let a Victory mosque destroy us either. Yet somehow, Muslims in America have managed to focus the debate on those who oppose the mosque. Yesterday I told you about a meeting of religious groups with the Justice Department. They want the Obama administration to speak out against those who oppose the mosque. Now we have this quote representing more than 50 leading Muslim organizations: It is “unethical, insensitive and inhumane” to oppose the planned mosque near Ground Zero. Inhumane? Are you kidding me? And just how sensitive is it to build a Mosque at Ground Zero to celebrate the Islamic attacks of 9/11? And yes … you may disagree but I absolutely believe that this is the purpose of the Mosque and the reason for this particular location. Wake up folks .. Muslims have a tradition over centuries of building Mosques at the sight of great Muslim conquests. This Mosque at Ground Zero — if it’s ever built — will be a destination for Muslims who wish to celebrate this great victory over America.

I’m agnostic. I don’t give a flying falafel about their religion. Had the 9/11 attackers been Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian, or wacky snake-handling Pentacostals from West Virginia, I’d be just as outraged.  This war was declared on Western civilization by a malignant Islamic culture saturated with religious extremism.

Take a good look at these mutherfuckers. See anyone who isn’t Middle Eastern/Arab/muslim?

They want a world Caliphate.  America, at least under George Bush, stood in their way.

Obama wants to engage in a fatuous  “muslim outreach” policy, which only serves to encourage their extremist nature.  He changed an aggressive counter-terrorism strategy to an “overseas contingency” against “outliers”.   But then again, he’s a total waste of skin.

The first volley in this war was actually fired back in 1979 with the taking of American hostages by Iranian extremists.  If Carter hadn’t shown his weak tendencies before then, that particular crisis sure did.

When you attack an enemy, you don’t half-step.  You attack us, we annihilate you, your supporters, your friends, and the fucking camel you rode in on. The Islamists declared war on America, if not Western civilization.

What I find atrocious is the total complacency on the part of the American public. People go about their everyday lives as if they live in a fish bowl and nothing will ever affect them outside of their daily routines. The people who drove to work at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center thought so, too. The people who boarded United Airlines Flight 93, American Airlines Flight 77, American Airlines Flight 11, and United Airlines Flight 175, were on their way home to see friends and loved ones, or on business. It was an ordinary, sunny September day.

The point being, enemies don’t pick a day or a time to attack us when we’re prepared or expecting it. Which is why vigilance and intelligence are essential.

The Japanese struck as the Christmas holiday approached.

There are many conjectures over the reasons why muslim terrorists picked 11 September; ranging from the “911” emergency number to looking for flights that were cross-country (for full fuel tanks), at a time when the passenger load was low (less people they needed to control).  My guess: It was simply the day when their plans came together. The warning signs were ignored and dismissed. Almost 3000 people died because of it.

We can say “never again” over and over, but unless we are willing to do what it takes to stop them and prevent it from happening again, the next attack will make 9/11 look like a fucking picnic.

I say this every year:
It’s damned important that we remember not just the heinous attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the one thwarted by brave people over a field in Shanksville, Pa., but resolve that it never happens again.

You’d have thought that Pearl Harbor taught us a lesson, but 60 years had passed, memories faded, and complacency set in.

Our borders leak like sieves, our immigration policies are lax, and we have slid back into complacency.

The gutless refusal of the TSA and DHS to profile at our airports and scrutinize the muslim organizations in America, will probably result in another catastrophic attack. I hope for the sake of my country that I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

The problem is–and this cannot be stressed enough–is that the enemy has patience. They understand us better than we understand them. They will continue to exploit our openness and unwillingness to completely destroy the Islamic nation-states who breed, fund, train, and indoctrinate their terrorist spawns.

Unless or until we are willing to reciprocate with the same brutality, they will be back. Til then, this war ain’t over by a long shot.

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4 thoughts on “9/11 Anniversary: Never Forget”

  1. butt neckid

    SARG…SENIOR CHIEF…our young warriors are doin’ the job they were trained to do and as for that WELL DONE…there is no training or leadership in gubmint and that is what I mean when I say asses kicked…PC this DON’T OFFEND that!!!!

    GREEN GLASS IN THE DESERT???? hmmm that’s not a bad idea…let’s do it NOW!!!!!…BMC USN ret. sends

  2. jOCS, USNR(RET)

    The best possible monument would be to rebuild the World Trade center exactly as it was — only one story taller — then dare anyone to knock it down again. If “anyone” so much as tries, Mecca becomes green glass . . .

  3. butt neckid

    SARG…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE…having said that there is something else I have to say…

    WE LOST!!!!! those pork chop stealin’ night shirt wearin’ stinkin’ desert dwellers from the stone age kicked our asses…don’t think so???

    where are the fuggin’ WTC buildings????? if they want a victory mosk they should build it in the middle of the “new” PC WTC site…

    alla is at the bar…..BANG!!!

    1. butt,

      We kicked the shit out of al Qaeda in Iraq and up until B. Hussein got in the White House, we were doing a pretty good job of beating the hell out of them and the Taliban in Afghanistan. So, how is it that they “kicked our asses”? I think the troops still serving over there would beg to differ. In spite of the shitty handling of this war by Obama and Petreaus’ ROE, they still do a hell of a job. In any case, here’s a good background on the government’s inept supervison of the new WTC; it’s a video from Steven Crowder at PJTV.

      The private sector quickly rebuilt World Trade Center Building 7. Meanwhile, Ground Zero itself has languished under the watchful, wasteful eye of government. Where a shining example of American vibrancy and renewal should be, public money has left a pit.


      SFC MAC

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