A Creepy Look at the Die Hard Obama Cult

Via James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal.

Taranto describes the maudlin prose of one Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, the Jewish-themed far-left magazine.

Sobs Lerner:

“What do we in the liberal and progressive world do now, if we face three, or hopefully seven, years of an Obama presidency?”
……The first step toward answering that question was to grieve what we had lost, honestly acknowledging the painful, for many quite humiliating, fact that after having built so many walls of self-protection against allowing ourselves to get sucked into some new moment of idealism, we had allowed those walls to come down as we became energized about Obama, only to find that once again our hopes had been dashed. . . .
……What happened in Obama’s first year is that most of those who had allowed themselves to hope began to appear to themselves and others as naïve fools, and the humiliation that they experienced will take some years and psychologically or spiritually sophisticated interventions. . . .
……So, the most important first step for liberals and progressives is to explain to themselves and each other that history is not over, that the Obama years still retain some possibilities, and even though we need to give up our (often unconscious) fantasy that Obama was our messiah who would save us and the world, we can and must still retain our understanding that the suffering in this world through poverty and oppression, the destruction of the environment and the possibility of ending all human and animal life on the planet Earth, and the survival of our own souls and mental health requires that we revive a movement based on love, kindness, generosity, ecological sanity, and caring for each other, including everyone on the planet.

What angst. What bathos. What a drama queen. How will he live when his Obamessiah is ousted in 2012? How will he find the strength to go on?
I can see him curled up on the sofa with a box of Kleenex and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, watching Days of Our Lives with his male cat named Percy.

It’s all just too much. *Sob*

3 thoughts on “A Creepy Look at the Die Hard Obama Cult”

  1. butt neckid

    here’s a hanky SARG……don’t go countin’ those chickens…..

    still lotsa time left for osamabama to confuzzy the dumbasses…

    the stinkin’kenyanmuslimsocialistmarxistscumsuckin’politician ain’t dead
    until you stick a fork in ’em……

  2. bydesign001

    Don’t forget the thumb in the mouth.

    They should have known better….you know that thing about false idles, false prophets, etc. They simply should have known better.

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