A List of Violent Occupy and BLM Riots on Obama’s Watch That the Media and Dems Conveniently Forget

Numerous riots and violence occurred across the country during Obama’s regime.  Neither he nor the Dem party saw fit to expend outrage.

This shit began with the Occupy riots and violence that spread across the country. Pelosi’s response: “God bless them“.  Obama embraced them.

The Oscar grant/Oakland riots.

Trayvon Martin riots. Obama: “If I had a son….”

Five cops were killed following a BLM riot in Dallas. Did Obama incite them?

BLM rioted in Ferguson, Missouri.

BLM riots in St. Louis

The George Floyd riots in Minneapolis, which caused damage amounting to 2 billion dollars.

Kimini Gray riots

When the BLM thugs rampaged through Baltimore, the mayor gave them ‘space to destroy’. The ACLU called it a “black spring”. Obama ironically blamed it on ‘Jim Crow’.

The Dems push mob violence when it suits their purpose, including  Antifa and BLM. Protests by Trump supporters are labeled ‘terrorism’.

Bottom line: If this shit didn’t anger you, then I don’t want to hear one fucking whimper about the Save America/Stop the Steal protest:





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