As of 7 September 2020, my blog on WordPress.com was suspended because some pussies at their HQ said that I violated the “terms of service”. They never gave a specific reason.

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Although I was able to import all the posts and comments, the media I had was not included in their export files, and the reference links to other posts from the old blog are screwed up and have to be corrected as I publish each post.  In other words, I have to make sure the links that reference my posts are directed to this new site.

I had an account with them for 13 years, and they fucked me over.

So, all of the posts from 7 September 2020 all the way back to 2007 are missing media.

I now have my own site under WordPress.org, which is a site you control though paying for your own domain and self-hosting.

As long as I’m on here, I can say what I want without worrying about offending some sorry-assed twatwaffle.


BTW: WordPress.com pulled the same shit on one of my regular visitors, Brittius:


The WordPress.com censorship nazis are on a spree.

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