A Running Tally of Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

From Powerline.

For the record, though, here is a good, albeit partial, list of Obama’s major foreign policy failures, as set forth by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal:

“His failed personal effort to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago. His failed personal effort to negotiate a climate-change deal at Copenhagen in 2009. His failed efforts to strike a nuclear deal with Iran that year and this year. His failed effort to improve America’s public standing in the Muslim world with the now-forgotten Cairo speech. His failed reset with Russia. His failed effort to strong-arm Israel into a permanent settlement freeze. His failed (if half-hearted) effort to maintain a residual U.S. military force in Iraq. His failed efforts to cut deals with the Taliban and reach out to North Korea. His failed effort to win over China and Russia for even a symbolic U.N. condemnation of Syria’s Bashar Assad. His failed efforts to intercede in Europe’s economic crisis.”

Rick Richman at Commentary supplements the list by reminding us of Obama’s foreign policy “successes” that were really failures:

“His successful personal effort to insult the head of state and prime minister of America’s closest ally (as well as removing the bust of its wartime prime minister from the Oval Office); his successful personal effort to put daylight between the U.S. and Israel; his successful effort to ostracize Honduras for enforcing its constitution against a Hugo Chavez wannabe; his successful effort to become the first U.S. president to chair a UN meeting; his successful effort to ignore the efforts of Iranian citizens protesting the stolen 2009 presidential election and then ignore seriatim deadlines for Iran to accept his outstretched hand; his successful efforts to oppose Congressional attempts to strengthen Iran sanctions, while touting each round of non-crippling sanctions as the “toughest ever”; his successful effort to ward off pressure to visit Israel from liberal Israeli columnists, Jewish Democrats in Congress, and friendly rabbis; his successful effort to jettison a U.S. ally in Egypt and reportedly invite the new Pharaoh to the U.S.; . . . . his successful effort to delay executing an already-negotiated free trade agreement with the closest U.S. ally in Latin America; his successful effort to improve relations with Mexico by suing Arizona on its behalf; his successful effort to build a knee-slapping relationship with Dmitri Medvedev to deliver a deferred flexibility message to Vladimir; and his winning a Nobel Peace Prize for not being Bush.”

I’d add the following:
Supporting Hamas.
Bowing to despots.
Kowtowing to Islamofascist scumbags.
Kissing China’s ass.
Forcing a dicked-up ROE on the troops in Afghanistan.
Getting owned by Vladimir Putin.
Epic fail at the G8 summit.
Insulting and disrespecting our British allies.
Insulting and disrespecting Israel; America’s only ally in the Middle East.
Insulting and disrespecting the United States of America in front of the United Nations.
Insulting Poland.

Obama’s approach to foreign policy is to snub our allies and kiss the asses of our enemies. He’s a socialist empty suit who kowtows and apologizes to every malefactor on the planet. He’s made the world a lot less safe with his bumbling “diplomacy”.

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