Afghan Evacuees Fling Racism, Sexism, Verbal Abuse at US Refugee Organizations

These are the same dregs that John Kirby praised as being valuable to our country.

Fox News

U.S. resettlement agencies involved in aiding approximately 72,000 Afghan evacuees brought to the U.S. in 2021 and 2022 experienced racism, sexism and verbal abuse from some of those evacuated, according to a State Department Inspector General report.

The review by the IG looked into the resettlement of tens of thousands of evacuees who were granted humanitarian parole to enter the U.S. after the withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. The inspector general’s office found that the nine groups faced a slew of issues and challenges with such an undertaking.

“[Resettlement agency] officials told OIG that the [Afghan Placement and Assistance Program] involved some of the most significant challenges that they had ever faced,” the report said.

The agencies, non-profits that are also involved in supporting regular refugee resettlement, identified a host of issues — including the fast pace of arrivals compared to the 11,840 refugees they resettled in FY 2020. Additional issues included the COVID-19 pandemic and complications related to housing, staffing, and cultural orientation.

Among those cultural issues, agencies described “inappropriate behavior” from some parolees which they attributed to a lack of cultural orientation.

……Agencies reported that some parolees refused to work with female case managers or those from minority groups. One agency reported that “a few local offices had issues of verbal abuse from Afghans, mostly those who were upset or frustrated by the process.”

……The report also highlighted “unrealistic expectations” from some parolees regarding the resettlement process. For instance, a number of agencies said that some had been told they would receive “welcome money” when they arrived. Others had unrealistic expectations regarding housing and would therefore reject housing offered to them as insufficient or of inferior quality. Some who had worked as professionals or held advanced degrees in Afghanistan “often believed that they would be set up in positions within their chosen field.”

The agencies recommended that PRM take measures including “standardized minimum requirements for cultural orientation that emphasize self-sufficiency, manage expectations, and convey U.S. societal expectations for behavior regarding gender, race, and sexual issues.”


Load them back up on a C17 and airdrop their goat-smelling asses over Kabul, without parachutes.

As if we don’t have enough problems with foreign invaders coming over our Southern border, Biden brought 70 thousand Islamic extremists into the country.

Muslims do not want to assimilate into Western culture. They want to replace it with a Sharia-based Caliphate.

Places like Dearborn, MichiganHamtramck, Michigan, and Minneapolis, Minnesota have turned into radical muzzie enclaves.

Jamaat Al Fuqra terrorists have established training centers within our own borders.  The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab-American Action Network, and CAIR, three major facilitators of Islamic terrorism, operate freely in the United States.

If you doubt their sincerity, remember 9/11.




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