Afghan “Refugee” Convicted of Sexual Assault on 3 Year Old Girl at Quantico

These are the kind of animals Biden allows into our country.

New York Post

An Afghan refugee who worked alongside US troops and escaped the Taliban was convicted of molesting a 3-year-old irl at a Marine Corps refugee camp in Quantico, Va., the Department of Justice announced.

Mohammed Tariq, 24, was found guilty on Friday of sexually assaulting the 3-year-old refugee last September while the two were housed at Camp Upshur, a refugee camp for Afghan evacuees located within the Virginia military base, prosecutors from the Eastern District of Virginia said Monday.

Tariq, who was not related to the child, was seen by a pair of Marines kissing the child around her face and neck and then touching her chest, genitals and buttocks over her clothing, court records show.

When the child tried to pull away, Tariq grabbed her and continued molesting her and then later told police that he didn’t do anything wrong because the actions were “part of his culture,” records show. 

The child, identified only as S.L. in court records, had recently escaped from Afghanistan with her family after the fall of the Afghan government last summer.

Tariq had a one-day trial Thursday at US District Court in Alexandria and a jury found him guilty the following afternoon.

“People who come to our country seeking haven from tyranny and terrorism deserve to live here in safety,” said US Attorney Jessica Aber, who oversaw the case.

……It wasn’t immediately clear what vetting, if any, Tariq underwent before he was permitted to enter the US. Nearly all of the Afghans evacuated from Kabul last year were not properly screened before they arrived in the US, Senate Republicans claimed in an October memo.

The memo claimed the Biden administration had not vetted the information provided by tens of thousands of Afghans and instead chose to rely solely on criminal and terrorist databases to weed out potential threats.

……It also wasn’t immediately clear what type of work Tariq did alongside US troops. He’s originally from a remote Afghan province and cannot read or write in any language, nor can he understand English, Tariq’s public defender wrote in court documents.



He didn’t work with the troops and he didn’t ‘escape’ shit.

Many of the “refugees” did absolutely nothing to help U.S. troops and they’re bringing their perverted Islamic 7th century habits with them.

God only knows how many of them are ISIS, al Qaeda, and Taliban terrorists.

Dems have turned America into a repository for the world’s excrement.


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1 thought on “Afghan “Refugee” Convicted of Sexual Assault on 3 Year Old Girl at Quantico”

  1. John D. Egbert

    With actions like this, coupled with the late-night flights from border detention sites to closed-for-the-night airports all over the country, the buck joe fiden traitors are seeding terrorist groups across the country. The only unknown: when is their D-Day and H-Hour?

    Keep your powder dry, invest in precious metals (copper, led, brass) and PM your arms. They will be needed.

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