AG Barr Defies Vitriolic, Embittered Dems During Senate Judiciary Hearing

The Dems got their hearts busted when the Mueller Report cleared President Trump of any ‘collusion’ or ‘obstruction’, so they’re accusing Mueller and Barr of a cover up. The irony is strong with this.


Finally, a Republican administration Attorney General with balls.

Via Gateway Pundit

Stolen Valor Senator Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal (D-CT) tried his hardest to intimidate Bill Barr — it didn’t work.

Blumenthal, who lied about his Vietnam War service, had the gall to tell Barr “history will judge you harshly.”

In Blumenthal’s second round of questioning, he asked Attorney General Bill Barr if he memorialized his telephone call with Robert Mueller on March 27th.

“Did you or anyone, either you, or anyone on your staff memorialize your conversation with Robert Mueller?” Blumenthal asked Barr.

“Yes,” replied Barr.

There were notes taken of the call,” Barr said in response to Blumenthal asking who took the memos.

“May we have those notes?” Blumenthal asked.

“No,” Barr promptly replied.

“Why not?” Blumenthal shot back.

“Why should you have them?” Barr replied.

Watch Barr stun Blumenthal and leave him speechless:


Barr bitch slaps Blumenthal again:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) grilled Attorney General Bill Barr for his characterization of the Mueller report at Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Blumenthal demanded that Barr overturn any notes he or his staff made memorializing the conversation he had with Mueller following the completion of his probe.
“You know, the letter is a bit snitty and I think it was probably written by one of his staff people,” Barr said.


Feinstein can’t believe the truth bomb Barr hurled at her ass:

……Democrats tried to destroy Attorney General William Barr as he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, but he wasn’t ready to join their kabuki theater.

Barr was the smartest person in the room, and everyone knew it. A few times while he was sitting in his chair waiting on questions, he showed a quick smirk or smile because he knew he was in charge and that includes taking questions from the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein, who tried to grilled Barr about the so-called ‘obstruction episodes’ in Mueller’s report.

Feinstein took up the subject of claims that President Trump had asked his lawyer Don McGahn to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In addition to that alleged request, Trump also asked McGahn to correct the inaccurate New York Times article stating he instructed Mueller’s firing.

Barr responded that President Trump instructed his counsel to look into Mueller’s conflicts of interest and ultimately Mueller was never fired. That wasn’t what Feinstein wanted to hear, so she continued to press how she felt Trump was trying to prevent further criticism of himself is somehow a crime: “You have a situation where the President tries to change a lawyer’s account in order to prevent further criticism of himself,”

“That’s not a crime,” Barr said leaving Feinstein speechless.


Highlights from Barr’s testimony, HERE.

Here’s some real insight: Mueller wrote a letter to Barr complaining about the media’s idiotic spin on the report:

BARR: I received a letter from Bob, the letter that’s just been put into the record, and I called Bob and said, “You know, what’s the issue here? Are you sugg…?” And I asked him if he was suggesting that the March 24th letter was inaccurate. And he said, no, but that the press reporting had been inaccurate and that the press was reading too much into it. And I asked him, you know, specifically what his concern was. And he said that his concern focused on his explanation of why he did not reach a conclusion on obstruction. And he wanted more put out on that issue. He argued for putting out summaries of each volume, the executive summaries that had to be written by his office. And if not that, then other material that focused on the issue of why he didn’t reach the obstruction question. But he was very clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report.



The Dems cannot get over the fact that they lost the 2016 election and their attempt at sedition failed. They’ve been squalling like 2 year olds for the last 3 years and scrambling for any pathetic reason to drag this circus out for another year, or for that matter, 4 more years after Donald Trump is reelected.

The only thing that Trump obstructed was the Dems’ attempt to overturn the 2016 election with a coup. 

Every time they try to undermine Trump it blows up in their faces.




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