Al Qaeda Group Holds Conference at Chicago Hotel

What. The. Fuck. Right in Obama’s old stomping grounds. Figures.

Protesters gathered outside a Chicago area hotel Sunday as an Islamic extremist group reportedly linked to Al Qaeda held its first official conference on U.S. soil in an attempt to step up Western recruitment efforts.

Members of Hizb ut-Tahrir — a global Sunni network with reported ties to confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Al Qaeda in Iraq’s onetime leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — met Sunday inside a Hilton hotel to host a conference, “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir insists that it does not engage in terrorism, and it is not recognized by the State Department as a known terror group.

But some terrorism experts say it may be even more dangerous than many groups that are on the terror list.

“Hizb ut-Tahrir is one of the oldest, largest indoctrinating organizations for the ideology known as jihadism,” Walid Phares, director of the Future of Terrorism Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told

Phares said that Hizb ut-Tahrir, rather than training members to carry out terrorist acts like Al Qaeda, focuses instead on indoctrinating youths between ages of 9 and 18 to absorb the ideology that calls for the formation of an empire — or “khilafah” — that will rule according to Islamic law and condones any means to achieve it, including militant jihad.

Hizb ut-Tahrir often says that its indoctrination “prepares the infantry” that groups like Al Qaeda take into battle, Phares said.

……Phares said Hizb ut-Tahrir has strongholds in Western countries, including Britain, France and Spain, and clearly is looking to strengthen its base in the U.S.

……They say other former members include Asif Muhammad Hanif, a British man who blew himself up outside a bar in Tel Aviv, killing four people (including himself) and wounding more than 50; and Omar Bakri Mohammed, a radical cleric currently banned from Britain who praised the 9/11 attacks, raised funds for Hezbollah and Hamas and called for attacks on the Dublin airport because U.S. troops transfered there on their way to Iraq.

……The conference’s new venue doesn’t seem to mind.

Hilton Oak Lawn General Manager Rick Harmon said Hizb ut-Tahrir used its own name when it reserved the room for the conference, but the hotel was not aware of the content of the event, which includes lectures entitled “Capitalism is Doomed to Fail,” “The Global Rise of Islam,” and the “Role of Muslims in America,” until after the contract was signed.

Still, Harmon said the hotel is open to all kinds of meetings, that don’t necessarily reflect its position or beliefs.

“We’re United States citizens and an American business — if it’s legal, we’re able to host it, as long as it’s nothing that disrupts our other guests’ privacy and security,” Harmon told

……And one of the organization’s more recent leaflets, published in March, calls for the declaration of “a state of war against America.”

But, despite these threats and calls to action, Hizb ut-Tahrir remains off the State Department’s terror watch list, and it is free to host the Khilafah Conference and any other event like it.
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For Harmon, money is the bottom line. He doesn’t give a shit who rents the space. Hell, Bin Laden himself could show up, and Harmon wouldn’t care as long as he got paid. Loyalty, common sense, and national security be damned.

This has got to be the hundreth time I’ve asked this: Why is the State Department, FBI, and Homeland Security, allowing these mutherfuckers into the country? Why are they not being montiored and kicked out of the U.S.?

This is absolute weapons grade idiocy on the part of the United States government. It’s almost as if they want another catastrophic slaughter thanks to the very Islamofascist thugs operating within our borders.

2nd Amendment supporters and veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan are on Janet Napolitano’s ‘threat list’, but she’s not the least bit interested in muslim cocksuckers who want to turn America into a Dhimmi satellite.

Welcome to ‘hope and change’.

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