Alfie Evans Dies: Congratulations, U.K. Your NHS Just Killed Another Child

From Fox News

Alfie Evans, a terminally ill British toddler whose case drew attention from Pope Francis and others around the world, has died, his parents announced Saturday morning.

Parents Kate James, 20, and Tom Evans, 21, wrote on Facebook that they were “absolutely heartbroken” that they had lost their son.

Alfie was born in May 2016. Later that year he suffered a series of seizures and was admitted to a hospital in Liverpool where he has been since, BBC reported.

Alfie developed an incurable degenerative brain condition and was at the center of a legal battle over his treatment.

Medics struggled to precisely identify Alfie’s condition.

Doctors said further treatment was futile and recommended that Alfie be allowed to die, but his parents — backed by the pope and Christian groups — fought for months to take him to a hospital in Italy so he could be kept on life support.

The hospital withdrew Alfie’s life support Monday after a series of court rulings sided with doctors who said continuing Alfie’s treatment was “not in Alfie’s best interests.”

Justice Anthony Hayden, a U.K. judge, said the ruling represented “the final chapter in the life of this extraordinary boy.”

Under British law, courts often intervene when parents and doctors disagree over the treatment of a child, who’s rights often take precedent over the parent’s right to decide what’s best.

‘What’s best’: The STATE owns your children.

People in the UK are not citizens. They’re royal government subjects, and as such, they have no individual or civil freedoms.

There are exceptions, however. If this child belonged to Prince William or Prince Harry, they would have been rushed to the nearest specialist, regardless of where they are.

British health care kills thousands of patients every year; one of whom was a former NHS director who died waiting for an operation at her own hospital.

This is what happens when you allow yourselves to be governed and oppressed by a socialist oligarchy.

For this reason and much more, Britain is fucked.

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