American Patriots Fed Up With the Violent Theocracy of Islam, Protest Outside Phoenix Mosque

I’m glad to see anti-muzzie protesters raise hell for a change. We are sick of the pro-terrorist Islamic element in this country, especially the Dhimmis in the White House. Islam is a violent theocracy and its followers commit atrocities, worldwide, as proscribed by their crazy prophet. It’s time to fight back and to hell with hurting their ‘feelings’.

From BizPac Review.

A former U.S. marine, fed up with liberals defending Islamic terrorists in the name of religious freedom, organized a free-speech rally Friday at an Arizona mosque that turned into a raucous event.

Jon Ritzheimer organized the rally outside the Phoenix mosque attended by the men who attacked a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Texas earlier this month, local Phoenix television station ABC 15 reported.

Hundreds of protesters from both sides shouted at and taunted each other, as police separated the two groups.

Phoenix police estimated that about 500 demonstrators showed up, evenly divided between protesters and counter-protesters, according to ABC 15.

……The event’s Facebook page encouraged supporters to “bring American Flags and any message that you would like to send to the known acquaintances of the 2 gunmen” who were shot by police after attempting to attack the Garland, Texas event.

“This Islamic Community Center is a known place that the 2 terrorist frequented,” the Facebook page’s event description said.

That is true, the two (now in hell) muzzies who attacked a free speech rally in Garland Texas were members of the Phoenix terrorist training center mosque.

At a press conference Friday, the Council on Islamic-American Relations’ Arizona chapter warned worshipers to stay away from the mosque because of the potential for violence.

BTW: CAIR is a fucking terrorist facilitator. If anyone deserves violence, it’s them.

Ritzheimer also encouraged attendees to bring weapons in case the rally turned dangerous.

Although the protest was loud and marked by yelling and finger-pointing, no one was injured or arrested.

One aggressive First Amendment supporter told an ABC 15 that he is passionate because “I’m American.  I believe in my country.”

The reporter told the protester that many of the pro-Islam counter protesters “were born here.”

“They are going to go against everything that’s been taught to them?” the protester shot back, “The First Amendment?  Are you serious?”

Exactly. All these pro-Islam shitbags would never subject themselves to the brutal reality of Sharia law.  If they’re so fucking receptive to Islam, they should go to any Islamofascist nation-state of their choice in the Middle East.  They should convert first, because muzzies aren’t real tolerant of other religious philosophies.  I guarantee they wouldn’t last long.
As for the muzzie excrement already here, get the fuck out.  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria are among the Islamic cesspools of choice. Just because you have a vision of America as part of a new Caliphate, and just because we’re saddled with a Dhimmi cocksucker who coddles your ‘sensibilities’,  doesn’t mean the rest of us will follow suit.
Allah U Fuckbar.

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