Americans Held Hostage, Taliban Refuses to Allow Them to Board Planes (UPDATED)


True to form, Biden says he’s a worthless piece of shit:

Biden administration officials are reportedly at a loss for what to do in response to the current “hostage” situation in Afghanistan, telling reporters they “do not control the airspace” as several planes holding Americans have been prevented by the Taliban from leaving the country.

……It’s the latest blunder in the administration’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan late last month, which concluded with hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghan nationals still stranded in the Taliban-controlled country.

Having ended its military mission, the U.S. now reportedly lacks the military force or diplomatic personnel to ensure that those stranded Americans can complete their chartered passage out of the country.


Paging Biden’s handlers:

Post Millennial

Six airplanes full of American citizens and Afghan refugees are reportedly being blocked from takeoff by the Taliban, in what has been referred to as a “hostage” situation. CBS News confirmed the news reported early Sunday morning by Fox News that Taliban is blocking planes holding Americans and green card holders.

As of Sunday morning, the planes have still not been cleared to take off, and there is no word on which the situation may change. According to the video released by CBS News, the US officials stationed in Doha, Qatar, have been negotiating with Taliban officials, but so far no deal has been made.

A State Department email viewed by CBS News said that the flights out of Afghanistan have permission to land in Qatar “if and when the Taliban agrees to takeoff.” A senior congressional source told CBS News that the Taliban is “basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans.”

“The group Ascend, an NGO that teaches young women leadership through athletics, told CBS News they have two planes that have been waiting for six days ready to take between 600 and 1200 people — including 19 American citizens and two permanent residents,” the CBS News report added. “The planes are not currently loaded. The passengers are being held nearby, because the Taliban won’t let them into the airport, according to a senior congressional source.”


Another report states that Biden’s State Department is blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan:

Americans engaged in the rescue of U.S. citizens, SIVs and green card holders left behind by Biden in Afghanistan are horrified by what they describe as inexplicable delays from the State Department that are preventing evacuation flights from leaving the country.

The State Department’s delays are recklessly endangering American lives, three different individuals involved in the private evacuation effort told Fox News.

Rick Clay, who runs the private rescue group PlanB, told Fox News that the State Department is the only thing preventing the flights he’s organizing from leaving Afghanistan.

Two other American individuals separately involved in evacuation efforts, whom Fox News is not naming to avoid jeopardizing ongoing rescue efforts, similarly said that the State Department is the sole entity preventing their charter flights from leaving Afghanistan.

“This is zero place to be negotiating with American lives. Those are our people standing on the tarmac and all it takes is a f****ing phone call,” one of those individuals, who has been integral to private evacuation efforts from Afghanistan, told Fox News.

“If one life is lost as a result of this, the blood is on the White House’s hands. The blood is on their hands,” that individual said, adding: “It is not the Taliban that is holding this up – as much as it sickens me to say that – it is the United States government.”

That individual suggested that the State Department’s obstruction is motivated in part by embarrassment that private individuals are rescuing Americans that the U.S. government left behind.

Those seeking clearance to land in Qatar were informed by military channels that they must first go through the State Department to gain approval, an email reviewed by Fox News shows.

Clay has a manifest of 4,500 names of U.S. citizens, green card holders, SIVs and refugees trying to get state-side. So far, they’ve given the State Department 800 names for a first round of flights. Fox News has reviewed that manifest, which confirms Clay’s account.


Biden officials warned a private rescue plane to turn around or get shot down:

A private airplane that was flying into Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) in Kabul, Afghanistan to rescue stranded American citizens and Afghan allies allegedly was told to turn back or they would be shot down.

In the past 24 hours, American officials in charge of giving clearance at the airport told fellow Americans they would be fired upon if they didn’t leave, Mary Beth Long, a former Department of Defense official, told American Greatness in an exclusive interview.

The plane ended up landing elsewhere in Afghanistan, she said. Now Americans are reportedly being advised to leave Kabul completely as the Taliban is expected to start rounding people up after the last of the U.S. military leaves.


But the motherfucker lets in thousands of unvetted ‘refugees’ with God knows how many terrorists in the mix.

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