Americans’ Verdict: ObamaCare Not Really About Health

You know it’s bad when the leftwingnuts at the LA Times actually publish something like this.

Americans’ verdict: Obama’s healthcare debate was not really about their health at all

Some fascinating, at times seemingly contradictory and ultimately revealing, poll results about the healthcare bill warfare from the helpful folks over at CBS News in recent hours.

Displaying, but more importantly documenting, what some might call a keen grasp of the obvious, a substantial majority of Americans has now decided that the yearlong, interminably-documented, mind-numbing, bone-cracking arm-wrestling among Democrats and also between the two political parties really had very little to do with anything having to do with actual healthcare.

Or with the combatants’ oft-professed and by-golly-heartfelt concern with the physical well-being of constituents, bless their hearts.

In fact, most Americans have decided, after all these months, it was really more about politics than anything else all along. BINGO!

……In other words, Sherlock, healthcare has been, is and will remain a surrogate issue in the never-ending fight for national political control. And those earnest, vocal soldiers on both sides of the noisy struggle were merely chanting pawns. And it’s not bad for raising money either.

Sixty percent of Americans disapprove of congressional Democrats’ handling of healthcare, and 64% disapprove of the minority GOP’s work in the same area, whatever that was. But, Watson, since Americans sent so many more Democrats to Congress back in 2008 (and 2006 too, come to think of it), the donkey party stands to lose far more in November’s midterm elections than the elephant one.

It’s not just about “politics”, it’s about GOVERNMENT CONTROL.  The stated objective, throughout Obama’s campaign, was to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist state. Congrats, Obamabots. You got your wish. One point of contention with the article:  The elephants’ philosophy doesn’t involve the obstruction of free market enterprise,  tax increases, and an assault on personal health care choices.

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