Andrew Yang Warns Dems About Extremism, Gets Proven Right When Extremists Pour the Haterade

Steven Crowder

Andrew Yang tried explaining this on CNN.

……Rational people would see that they even lost elections in the Northeast, look in the mirror, and have whatever the progressive equivalent is of a come-to-Jesus moment. Instead, what will most likely happen is leftists will just quadruple down on the crazy. As they immediately did to Andrew Yang.



The best-case scenario is obviously Donald Trump pulling off the win and Republicans holding the White House. The worst-case scenario for the right is Biden wins and is forced to pander to his base that will grow more and more unhinged, just because progressives just can’t help themselves. I’m already looking forward to the midterms.

What Yang should realize is that the unhinged DemProgs want to destroy this country and replace it with a communist dystopia. That’s not an exaggeration. 


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