Another 6 January FBI Plant Removed From “Wanted” List

The FBI sewer rats were all over this protest.

American Wire

Earlier this week a convicted Jan. 6th rioter had an associate record him confronting another alleged Jan. 6th rioter over why the second rioter had been removed from the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list and essentially let off the hook.

The convicted rioter was Micajah Jackson, who pleaded guilty in November to “Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol building” and is scheduled to be sentenced next month to no more than six months behind bars.

The alleged rioter was Luke Phillip Robinson, more commonly known as “Ginger Gun.”

As previously reported via the Washington Examiner, Robinson “wore an earpiece during the riot and was filmed carrying what appeared to be a concealed handgun on his left hip.”

Following the riot, he “was pictured on the FBI’s most-wanted list for over five months until he was removed without explanation on the same day The New York Times reported an FBI informant was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

As of the morning of Jan. 15th, Robinson’s name could be found nowhere on the Department of Justice’s website.



The FBI framed the 6 January MAGA protesters by inserting undercover agents and informants in the crowd to encourage violence. It backfired, but that’s not stopping the Feds from persecuting people who simply wandered the hallways, stood outside the building, and peacefully protested.

The FBI’s role was intended to be subversive and to gather as much intelligence on the participants as possible.  Gee, if only they would use that tactic on the rampaging  Antifa and BLM thugs.

Why aren’t Luke Phillip Robinson and Ray Epps in solitary confinement with the rest of the political prisoners in their gulag?

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