Another Debunked Fake News Story: Covington Catholic Students Did Not ‘Harass’ Native American


Looks like Phillips is a phony veteran:


And he’s linked to a big money leftwing activist group:

Nathan Phillips, the Native American man at the center of the controversy involving Covington Catholic High School students who were unfairly smeared by the media, is raising money with the help of a major big-money left-wing operation, and has a history of appearing in the press claiming to be a victim of anti-Native racism.

……The Native Youth Leadership Alliance (NYLA) is a non-profit organization that is funded by the same far-left power players who are often involved in bankrolling leftist causes. The organization’s funding partners include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Social Justice Fund Northwest.


These Covington Catholic kids were participating in a ‘march for life’ protest.  This crazy man walked into their crowd banging a drum in their faces. It was an attempt to elicit a reaction. Phillips crashed a protest that had nothing to do with his issues. When all the kid did was smile at him, the media circus tuned it into “racism”.
It’s one more fake, sensationalized smear that the liberal media will run with until it’s no longer useful.  It’s another opportunity to distort, dehumanize, virtue signal, and ignore the whole story.  Context matters, but not if you’re a liberal media hack.

The harassment came from the ‘Native American’ and Black ‘activists’:


By the way, the Black Hebrew Israelites are bona fide hate group. 

This Nathan Phillips also has a history of making up fantastic stories.

And apparently quite the actor:

The leftwingnuts on social media went into their usual frenzy:

Even the Never Trumpers at the once-respected-now-RINO National Review, jumped on the “GET ‘EM!” bandwagon:

From John Nolte at Breitbart:

I saw this at National Review

The Covington Students Might as Well Have Just Spit on the Cross.”

Might. As. Well. Have. Just. Spit. On. The. Cross.

And now we come to the saddest part of this little rumination of mine… I was not at all surprised.

The timestamp on the National Review story is January 20 at — get this — 2:55 a.m.

Before we get to why that’s important, let’s back up a bit.

At the very least, consumers of alternative media — you know, our customers — expect us to not act as amplifiers for the establishment media. At the very least, if nothing else, alternative media should be a place where we are not the media’s toadies, where we do notunquestioningly spread MSM narratives.

But here is National Review, so desperate to preen its own precious virtue, so besotted with kissing the ass of the establishment media, so filled with a raging hate for Trump supporters, that this pathetic, self-righteous, dishonest piece of suckuppery published at 2:55 in the morning.

And you have to read the purple sanctimony to begin to believe it:

“For some of us, the gospel stories of Jesus’s passion and death are so familiar we no longer hear them. The evangelists are terse in their descriptions of the humiliations heaped on Jesus in the final hours before his crucifixion, the consummate humiliation. Read the accounts again or, if you’d rather not, watch the video. The human capacity for sadism is too great.”

The human capacity for sadism is too great, y’all.

Wait, wait, wait… This one’s even better:

“Over the years, I’ve heard (and perpetrated, I confess) some imaginative definitions of the “seamless garment,” or “consistent ethic of life.” It’s a matter of identifying a common principle that can be shown to underlie and unite various causes — the abolition of abortion, of euthanasia, of the death penalty, of you name it — that most people would say are disparate and unrelated. How heightened border security might be of a piece with protecting unborn children is less intuitively obvious than most such hypothetical linkages I’ve encountered.”



When it became apparent that the whole thing was a lie, the NRO pulled the story and refused to comment.

However, a subsequent article by another columnist at NRO declared: Nathan Phillips lied and the media bought it.

No shit. That includes your publication, pal.

Liberals on social media launched an attack against the kids.

From the Spectator:

If someone walks up to you and bangs a drum in your face, are you guilty of harassing the drummer? You might be if you’re white and wearing a MAGA hat.

……The videos appear to depict more than one engagement between the Indians and the Catholic teens, and without knowing which happened first, and what circumstances led to the first encounter, it’s hard to form any conclusions, if fairness is your objective. Maybe the teens chanted ‘Build the wall!’ or something else at the Indian activists, which prompted Phillips to approach them. But so far, there’s no evidence to support that scenario, only the words of Phillips and his associates. That hasn’t stopped blue-checkmark media figures like former CNN blatherskite Reza Aslan from not only branding the teens as racists but in Aslan’s case musing about inflicting violence on them:

……Rhetorical questions about punching kids? Imagine the response of Aslan’s professional friends if he’d asked that about, say, one of the high schoolers campaigning for gun control after the Parkland, Florida shootings. Or imagine Aslan saying that about any teenager who’s not wearing a MAGA hat. Nonviolence and protecting children don’t apply when you’re an enemy to the woke, enlightened left. And another double-standard bears mention, as well: watch the rest of the nine-minute video with the Covington teens after the encounter with the Indian activists. Also on the scene are a group of Black Hebrew Israelites, a crackpot sect that takes this occasion to spew gay-baiting rhetoric at the Covington teenagers. This part of the Covington’s teens’ experience in Washington, D.C. has somehow gone unmentioned in most media, and the social justice enforcers on Twitter have not paid any attention at all to the hate explicitly vented here — certainly nothing like the outrage lavished on the Phillips-Covington incident.

Harassing elderly conservatives is a staple of leftwing protests and get zero media attention. This is how antifa and black lives matter thugs treat old and disabled people:

They also target anyone wearing MAGA hats.

But the leftie snowflakes can’t stand a kid who simply smiles at ignorance.

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