Another Michigan Town Goes Full Muzzie/Sharia

From Creeping Sharia.

Back in 2009, we told you that this same Michigan city council was now half Muslim. Then, in 2013 we told you that Three Muslims were charged with election fraud in Hamtramck and a 4th tried to sell votes. After that Muslim voter fraud was detected, Muslims failed to win Hamtramck elections. Six years later, the Muslims have conquered Hamtramck.

The Polish flocked to Hamtramck in the 1900s and evidence of the city’s Polish roots remain.

However, over the last few decades a new wave of immigrants, primarily from the Middle East, South Asia and Southeastern Europe, has dramatically changed the face and culture of this community.

Now, the Hamtramck City Council is going to reflect that diversity.

“We are very proud and we are very happy for that achievement, what we have done in this city, for our city,” said Jamal Alturki, a voter.

Voters gave Abu Musa and Anam Miah another term in office. Saad Almasmari was elected for the first time. Now four of the six City Council members will be of Muslim faith.

It’s said to be the first majority Muslim City Council not only in Hamtramck but in the entire country.

“I think that sends a message not only to Hamtramck but throughout the region that people want their representation in offices,” Miah said.

Although there will be more diversity at the table, they want to make clear the goal of public service stays the the same.

“My concern is to give the people, everybody, equal opportunity and be fair for everybody,” said Musa.

“We are going to represent everybody. We are going to serve everybody, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, everybody,” said Almasmari.

The only ones they will serve are themselves and the new Caliphate they’ve just installed in Hamtramck:

“Today we show the Polish and everybody else,” said Ibrahim Algahim in cell phone video.

Dearborn, Michigan has turned into a radical muzzie enclaveJamaat Al Fuqra terrorists have established training centers across the United States.  The Muslim BrotherhoodCAIR, and the Arab American Action Network, all facilitators of Islamic terrorism, operate freely in America.

America had better wake up.

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