Another Night of Riots, Arson, and Gunfire by Antifa in Portland

This is Antifa’s idea of a good time.


Despite advance warnings, Portland Police Bureau officers were powerless to stop another night of rioting, arson, and gunfire carried out by Antifa. Rioters set multiple fires and engaged in drive-by gunfire.

Antifa rioters set an Apple Store on fire Friday night during the third declared riot in five days. The fire was one of the multiple fires Portland police officers were powerless to prevent.

Despite the advance warning, Antifa rioters carried out their plans to create more property damage in the Downtown District Friday night.


Apple supports them so it’s okay.


The Friday-night riots marked the third night of rioting in five days, The Oregonian reported. The local newspaper reported several gunshots from a car traveling near the protest area.

Earlier this week, Antifa riots set the Portland Police Association headquarters building on fire, Breitbart News reported. Police, once again, had advance notice of the planned “Direct Action” but could not prevent the fire. One person was arrested for the alleged arson.


Where are the Feds and the media and their accusations of “white extremism”?

Mayor Ted Wheeler is still in hiding.  The cops have been demoralized, targeted for attacks, and Wheeler doesn’t give a fuck. That’s why Portland is a steaming pile of shit.


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