Another Terrorist Attack in New York City by a ‘Peaceful’ Muzzie ‘Immigrant’

An ‘immigrant’ from Bangladesh pulled an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack at the NYC Port Authority.



From Fox News

A Bangladeshi national living in Brooklyn prematurely detonated his “low tech device” in an “attempted terrorist attack” inside New York City’s Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning — a blast that rocked the city during rush hour, causing chaos and halting several subway lines.

Akayed Ullah, 27, set off the “effectively low tech device” in a subway passageway just before 7:30 a.m….  Ullah suffered burns and wounds to his body and appeared to be the only person seriously injured in the pipe bomb explosion, authorities said. At least three other people suffered injuries that were not life threatening.

……Ullah’s attack was inspired by ISIS, law enforcement sources told The New York Post. The suspect allegedly packed the 5-inch metal pipe bomb and battery pack into the right side of his jacket, but the device exploded earlier than intended. The suspect told police he made the bomb at the electrical company where he works, The New York Post reported.


An NYPD source on the scene told Fox News a device went off, and there was a bomb strapped to a person. Port Authority police took down the suspected bomber at gunpoint, Port Authority Police Benevolent Association tweeted.

President Donald Trump was briefed on the incident, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted.

……If the attack is confirmed to be ISIS-inspired, it would be the second ISIS-inspired attack in New York City in less than two months. An Oct. 31 terror attack killed eight people and injured 11 others after a man drove a rented truck into people walking and cycling on a bike path in Lower Manhattan.

They should take him out to the middle of nowhere, strap a good bomb on his ass, and finish the job.

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