Anti-Gun Liberals Finding Out How Hard it is to Actually Purchase a Legal Firearm




According to leftwingnuts, some are more deserving of Second Amendment rights than others.  Like Dems who surrounded themselves with armed guards to announce a new push for tougher gun-control laws.

When the Big Government they love starts showing its true oppressive nature and includes them in the crackdown on individual rights, they have a brand new admiration for the Second Amendment.

The owner of Warrior One Guns in Riverside CA, sends a message to people who never wanted guns and now are flooding the gun shops with high expectations.


To the liberals who got a rude awakening: Sucks to be you. The next time you slam the NRA and blame legal gun owners for the heinous crimes committed by mass shooters or gangsta thugs, remember what legal gun owners go through just to purchase a weapon for protection.

1 thought on “Anti-Gun Liberals Finding Out How Hard it is to Actually Purchase a Legal Firearm”

  1. You know, if that liberal wanted to quintuple the price and take the chance that he or she might be shot after the money was exposed, they could go on the black market. Forcing liberals to go on the black market seems only right, considering all that they have done to release the people who will be populating the black market for years to come.

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