Anti-war Idiot Spits on Iraq War Vet (Updated)

Ross Nolan, President of the UCSB College Republicans, and Iraq War Veteran shot a video of his confrontations with anti-war moonbats:

Link to video:

Watch the antics by the assorted freaks and brain damaged characters Ross recorded at the protest. 

The upside down flag, the epithets, the heifer banging her little bongo while singing ‘power to the people’, a guy claiming to be a Vietnam era vet who cannot answer questions about John Kerry’s lies before Congress in 1971, because it’s ‘too complicated’.  A stupid teenager telling him to ‘go back to Iraq and fucking kill people’ (that’s coming from a peace advocate?), another foreigner accusing him of being a ‘rapist’,  and calling him a ‘right wing fascist’ when he pointed out that he’s an Iraq War veteran.  And last but certainly not least, the little spitter who said ‘ fuck your fascist state’.

That’s the modus operandi of the Left; preaching about ‘peace’ while engaging in acts of violence and stupidity.

Ross posted the following on Pat’s website:

This is Ross Nolan, the guy who made the film. Thanks for the comments. I just wanted to show what really goes on at these anti-war protests. I have been to many of them, and this is not unique at all. I encourage everyone of you guys to go to any of these leftists protests in your area, bring a camera, and just let them talk. I have a lot more material than this!!

Oh, and as to why I didn’t do more when that smelly hippy spit on me: I was actually completely shocked when she spit on me. At the time I was just like, “Keep going idiot, I have a freaking camera in your face.” I think my buddy Ryan McNicholas was more angry than I was. Oh, it was his idea by the way to go to this protest, so props to him.

July 21st, 2008 at 12:05 pm

I would have knocked that bitch’s teeth out.

It takes a special sort of ingrate to disrespect people who risk their lives defending them.

Can we question their ‘patriotism’, now?

To the moonbats who vent their spleens: Don’t think the war is right? Take it out on the Muslim fucksticks who started it.

By the way, as annotated in the first comment below, the little anarchist has been identified. Her name is ‘Anni’, a self-described ‘Beerwhore’ with a propensity to “……listen to my friends rock out on the sidewalk and sing along these days”. She’s 21, so that explains the party animal status. Hell, just about every American kid is one at that age, but the following section on her MySpace page is a bit more uh, unconventional:

Anni’s Companies

The Adult Store
Santa Barbara, CA US
Smut Peddler

Children’s FairyLand
Oakland, CA US
Ride Operator


What a visual.

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