Antifa Punk Who Attacked Trump Supporter Outside a Rightwing Event in Manhattan Sentenced to 18 Months in Jail

Throw away the fucking key.

From the Daily Mail

A member of the far-left anti-fascist group ‘Antifa’ who brutally attacked a Trump supporter outside of an Alt-right event in New York City last year has been jailed for 18 months.

David Campbell, 32, received the sentence during a hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday, two weeks after pleading guilty for his role in the vicious assault outside the Night for Freedom party – organized by right-wing activist Mike Cernovich on January 20 last year.

Campbell admitted following a 56-year-old man out of the event, held in a nightclub on West 50th Street and 12th Avenue, and punching him to the floor then choking him on the ground.

The political activist appeared shocked when the judge read out the sentence. Tearful friends of Campbell embraced one another in the corridor after he was led away in handcuffs.

Witnesses to the assault said the victim appeared to strike his head on the curb on his way down to the ground and a 911 call claimed he was in a state of cardiac arrest.

The man, whose identity was never released, was taken in an ambulance to Bellevue Hospital where doctors said he was in a stable condition.

Campbell, who was one of 80 protesters gathered outside of the event, was arrested at the scene and charged with assault for strangulation, possession of a weapon, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and loitering.

Cernovich later emerged from the event and confronted the group of demonstrators, calling them ‘f***ing terrorists’.

‘When the Proud Boys [a far right fraternal organization] got into a street fight with Antifa members, it was a nationwide story. The Mayor and AG tweeted about the street fight. When Antifa attacked a 56-year-old man, silence from the press,’ Cernovich told The NY Post earlier this month.

‘Now that the criminal case is closed, I will also be taking legal action against Mr. Campbell and his confederates. It is time to find out who is funding Antifa,’ he added.


Here’s one of the main culprits.

Antifa is a George Soros-backed group that attacked peaceful rightwing protesters in Berkeley and Charlottesville.  It’s been justifiably declared a domestic terrorist group by the Department of Homeland Security. They don’t protest, they riot.  Media like CNN loves them.

Soros was behind the Berkeley riots,  pro Hillary disruptions, the ‘black lives matter’ rampage in Ferguson,  and more than 50 radical groups in the ‘women’s march’.

Background on Soros:

He facilitates various organizations, foundations, and financial sources as tools for an empire designed to mold the world to his own warped vision.  His  accomplishments include trying to silence media opponents, funding ACORN, financing his vision of a post-America New World Order, and spreading his malignant Fabian socialist ideology  throughout economic and political infrastructures.

Soros needs to be investigated by the DOJ for this shit, and antifa needs to be crushed.

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