Antifa Terrorists at ‘Stop Cop City’ Tell Media How to Cover Their Violence and Riots



Rampaging anarchists want their privacy and the media’s cooperation with their image.

Liberal garbage media is all too happy to oblige:

Left-wing terrorism is getting a polished shine by the liberal broadcast networks. During their Tuesday updates on the Antifa terrorist attack at the construction site of a police and firefighter training center in Atlanta, Georgia, ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS Mornings took different approaches to spinning the incident. ABC simply called it “foolishness,” while CBS called them “demonstrators,” touted a supposed “broad coalition” that opposed the project, and dismissed a cop getting shot.

……Over on CBS, correspondent Skyler Henry opened his report by describing how “demonstrators” – not left-wing terrorists – were “wearing masks and holding shields” while “swarming the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, hurling fireworks at police officers and lighting construction equipment on fire.”


The Antifa thugs were already occupying the area.  When police started kicking the squatters out of the trees, one of their members known as “Little Turtle” Tortuguita, started shooting at cops. A state trooper was seriously wounded, and “Little Turtle” was killed.  Sucks to be him.

Jesse Watters

……This has been simmering for months, and Antifa is living in treehouses in the woods where police were building their new training center in Georgia. They called themselves the Forest Defenders. They say they’re protesting environmental racism, but really, it’s about getting rid of cops.

Antifa doesn’t care about the environment. I haven’t seen them in East Palestine, and we haven’t seen them at the Jersey Shore protesting windmill whale murder. When police started kicking the forest defenders out of the trees, one of their members known as “Little Turtle” Tortuguita, started shooting at cops. A state trooper was seriously wounded, and “Little Turtle” was killed.

And now Antifa is avenging Little Turtle’s death. And the hidden side, a group of peaceful protesters outside the construction site, they had comedy shows, music festivals. They even gave tours of the forest. And that’s when things started turning mostly peaceful.

Then 150 Antifa militants peeled off, changed into camouflage clothing and black masks and stormed the construction site. The Antifa militants chucked bricks and Molotov cocktails at police, lit construction equipment ablaze. This was a highly organized attack, and it won’t be the last. Antifa is getting stronger. They’re international.


The Antifa terrorists who attacked the police training facility have connections environmental and left-wing groups and broader activist movements:



“Many of these activists and the groups they belong to, like the National Lawyers Guild, claim to defend democracy, yet they love thuggish violence, the opposite of the democratic rule of law,” Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center, told Fox News Digital.

“They feel they have a right to parachute into a city from out of town and rule by force, outside any law. Their arrogance only makes the rule of law more appealing – and necessary.”

Of the 23 individuals arrested in the attack, only two are from Georgia and some traveled from other countries, according to police.

Alex Papali – a former green justice organizer at the group Clean Water Action, according to liberal nonprofit Barr Foundation – was also among those arrested for domestic terrorism. Clean Water Action declined to comment, noting that Papali has not been employed by the group since July 2020.

In a 2019 blog post, Papali argued that everyone has “a role to play in putting equity at the center of climate action.”

Another activist arrested was Bo Bogush, a former environmental educator at Common Ground, an eco-focused progressive school in Connecticut. Common Ground Executive Director Monica Maccera Filppu told Fox News Digital that Bogush has not been employed at the school since August and declined to comment.

Two other individuals arrested, Maggie June Gates of Indiana and Ehret Nottingham of Colorado, were also active in the environmental movement. Family and friends interviewed by Indiana local outlet WTHR-TV said Gates was “dedicated to preserving the environment,” and Nottingham made headlines in 2019 for leading a youth climate protest in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“My favorite critique we got was ‘stay in school,’” Nottingham said at the time, according to Communication Ministries. “If we wait until we’re more educated and have credentials, then it will be too late to make the changes our climate needs.”

Additionally, North Carolina resident James Marsicano, an outspoken advocate of defunding the police, was also arrested in the attack on Sunday. According to The Funambulist, a platform for activists, Marsicano goes by “Jamie” and is a “White trans femme organizer in Charlotte who is fiercely committed to supporting Black trans femmes, prison abolition, and destabilizing all forms of oppression.”

……Marsicano was arrested for assaulting a police officer in June 2020 during a violent protest in Charlotte, North Carolina, in response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, the Charlotte Observer reported at the time.

Marsicano’s father was the president and CEO of the left-wing Foundation for the Carolinas, one of the nation’s largest foundations, from 1999 until this year.

Finally, Priscilla Grim, another activist arrested, was a lead organizer of Occupy Wall Street, a two-month protest movement against inequality that took place in New York City in 2011.

A blog site that appears to belong to Grim shows support for Black Lives Matter, an Indigenous collective and a group that backs undocumented people and states “no borders on stolen land.”

Thomas Jurgens, bottom row, second from left, is a staff attorney for the far-Left race hustling Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  He’s being charged with domestic terrorism by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

In December of 2022, the GBI arrested five Antifa terrorists at the so-called autonomous zone at the site of the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. Since June 2021, Antifa and other far-left extremists from across the US have descended on the location to prevent the construction of what they call a “cop city.” Responding law enforcement were assaulted with rocks and bottles by militants occupying makeshift treehouses. The GBI says it found explosive devices and gasoline after the rioters were cleared from the area.

The SPLC is a criminal enterprise. It uses threats, intimidation, and extortion-based lawsuits as a money-making racket. Morris Dees, Mark Potok, Larry Keller, and David Holthouse, are not averse to using smear tactics, taking advantage of victims’ families, leveling false accusations, and labeling black conservatives with pejorative racial terms.

It’s a bastion of leftwing intolerance and hate.

Don’t expect them to get the same treatment as the Jan 6 political prisoners, who are incarcerated in Biden’s DC gulag while Antifa and BLM thugs who riot and commit murder get off light.



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