Antifa Thug Shot Dead in Austin

Another one out of the gene pool.

Austin Statesman

Garrett Foster, who was shot to death during a downtown Austin protest Saturday night, was remembered as a man dedicated to exercising his Second Amendment rights, stamping out racial injustice and caring for his fiancée, according to family and friends.

The incident leading up to the 28-year-old’s death began about 9:50 p.m. when a driver on Fourth Street honked his horn and turned right onto Congress Avenue where there was a crowd of protesters, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said Sunday.

Several protesters — including Foster, who was holding an assault rifle — approached the car, Manley said. He said the driver reported that Foster pointed the weapon at him. The driver then pointed his handgun outside the window, fired multiple shots and drove away, Manley said.

Someone else in the crowd opened fire on the car as it drove off, Manley said.

First responders performed CPR on Foster, but he died at Dell Seton Medical Center less than an hour after the shooting, officials said.

No other injuries were reported.

Austin police said they detained the person who fired the fatal shots and he cooperated with investigators. He has been released, along with the second shooter, Manley said.

Not long before the little fag was shot, he made the claim: “I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us, too big of pussies (sic) to stop and actually do anything about it”.


Surprise. Looks like your ass was taken down by someone who is definitely not a pussy:


Wanna play games, Antifa? Citizens are armed as well, and sick of your threats and violence. Sucks to be you.


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