Antifa Thugs Arrested in Assault Against Parents Who Protested School’s “Pride” Indoctrination of Kids


Boyd had prior arrests over child sex crimes:

So Cal Antifa member Erik James Boyd had a prior arrest related to felony child sex crimes. In 2008, Boyd was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of two felony charges of engaging in sexual contact with a child under 14 years old. He was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The child sex crime allegations were ultimately dismissed or not prosecuted after he pleaded not guilty. However, Boyd was convicted for the assault with a deadly weapon charge after pleading no contest. After three years of probation, Boyd had the assault conviction expunged.

Post Millennial

One of the Antifa members involved in a violent clash with parents outside a school board meeting in Glendale, California on June 6 has been identified as Erik Boyd. The childless 35-year-old was arrested for his involvement in the incident and charged with a misdemeanor, however, his $10,000 bail was quickly posted.
The crowd of parents, mostly Armenian, Hispanic, and Christian, were protesting the school board’s Pride celebrations and the indoctrination of their children into radical gender ideology when far-left agitators showed up, many in full riot gear. Chaos ensued, and numerous arrests were made.

According to The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo, Boyd has a long history of organizing with Antifa in southern California, and is associated with Antifa extremists Chad Loder and Vishal Singh, both of whom have been banned from Twitter.

Boyd, who works in the fitness industry, previously used Twitter to coordinate with other far-left extremists, at one point releasing a guide on “how best to engage in violence.” He has since deleted his account, as well as his Instagram, and moved to Mastadon, however, an archive of his tweets was compiled by Ngo.

“Fascists need to be reasoned with in the only language they understand – violence,” Boyd tweeted in 2021. Throughout the years, he repeated those sentiments quite often.

In an August 2022 tweet, Boyd, who went by the username “LibSoc Lifter,” wrote, “Antifa assuredly exists, and we’re the ones doing the work of standing up against these fascist storm troopers while y’all sit there tacitly validating the misinformation their representatives are spreading.

In reference to Ngo, Boyd wrote in November of 2022, “It’s the brain hemorrhage he sustained when Antifa Super Soldiers ™ used a trebuchet to hurl a milkshake cup filled with solidified concrete directly at hi gourd, duh. How could he possibly remember anything given his affliction.”

Responding to a December 222 poll asking if people agree that “Nazis should always be punched,” Boyd wrote, “Unpunched Nazis get bolder the longer they go unpunched. fascists need to be reasoned with in the only language they understand — violence.”

“Parents: we have your back. Coordinate with us and we’ll keep you safe. We need your help right now. Let’s start getting this done wherever these fucking psychos show up to threaten your kids and their teachers and administrators,” Boyd wrote in 2021.

As Ngo reports, “like the other #Antifa members showing up to engage in violence against families protesting schools or school boards, Erik Boyd has no children,” thus calling into question his motives for appearing at the protest that day.

Antifa’s presence was noted by parents on the ground that day.

“Basically there’s some so-called Antifa, or hoodlums, anti-social folks who were here, 20-30 folks, who segregated themselves with LGBTQ protesters then they moved away and went to a parking lot, they met a group of Armenian men,” a father on the scene told The Post Millennial. “One of the Antifa attacked an Armenian man and the men fought back.”


Boyd used Twitter to rally Antifa members to violence:



Typical Antifa shitbag. They scatter like cockroaches when someone turns on the light.


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