Antifa Turd Arrested for Vandalizing Monument in Indianapolis Park

The face says it all.

From Breitbart

Police say they arrested Anthony Ventura around noon for allegedly vandalizing the monument in Garfield Park on Shelby Street soon after the alleged incident.

video of the incident circulated on social media after the incident, causing locals to see the damage for themselves.

“It’s stupid, it don’t really make any sense, you know?” Rex Staples, who lives in the area, told WXIN. “Because they’re really not doing anything.”

WISH reports Ventura allegedly defaced the monument, which honors more than 1,600 Confederate soldiers, with a hammer.

The soldiers remains are located at Crown Hill Cemetery.

The police report did not state Ventura’s motive, despite the incident occurring a week after the Charlottesville protests.

Authorities have not determined the full extent of the damage caused Saturday afternoon.

They are bilious little terrorist thugs who hate America, the Constitution, freedom of speech (except for their own), straight white people (except for the tokens in their ranks), and capitalism (they’re unemployed and living in their parents basement). They’re pro-illegal alien, pro-muzzie terrorist, New World Order/One World Government, and they admit they were indoctrinated on college campuses and universities. They think tearing down a selective group of monuments will change history.

The Dems and their media tools love them.

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