Antifa’s November 4th Protests to ‘Drive Trump and Pence From Power’, a Massive Flop

The protests planned by the antifa crybullies was a big flop.


From Breitbart

The left-wing, Antifa Refuse Fascism group is planning rallies in at least 20 cities across the United States on Saturday to demand that the duly-elected President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence be “driven from power.”


The Refuse Fascism website states:

“No! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America! Take to the streets and public squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night — not stopping until our DEMAND is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”

A list follows naming what those nightmares are, including discrimination against Muslims and gays, objectivism and harassment of women, and the danger posed by climate change.

The “about” portion of the Refuse Fascism states:

“We launched at an emergency meeting at the Great Hall of Cooper Union in NYC on December 19th, 2016.  Watched by some 200,000 people on HuffPo’s FaceBookLive, Andy Zee, PZ Myers, Carl Dix, Jeremy Scahill, Imam Ayub Abdul-Baki, Rev. Doris Johnson, Sunsara Taylor, Immortal Technique, and Fran Luck spoke along with messages from Gloria Steinem, Chase Iron Eyes, Isabel Cardenas, and others on the fascist character of the Trump/Pence Regime and called on people to get organized to stop it before it came to power.”


With all the hyperbole, I expected a mob of wailing, frothing. screeching, pussy-hat wearing libtards stomping through the streets in the throes of anarchy.

This is what happened:

Cleveland was empty and low energy.

Just three people showed up at the White House. Notice the shirt on the guy with the flag.


The Antifa apocalypse in New York, not even enough people to hand out the signs to in the liberal mecca.


In fact, more Trump supporters came out in Los Angeles than did protesters.


30 Trump protesters outshouted by 200 Trump supporters in Austin.


It was an epic fail.  Besides, if the little thugs really want a ‘civil war’, they would get a rude awakening if they tried that shit with armed citizens.


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