Army Accepts Man Who Failed Entrance Test Ten Times Into Special Military Program

Our enemies are laughing their asses off.

Western Journal

Chaz Andrews has wanted to join the Army since he was 19, but he has failed the service’s academic test more than 10 times over the past decade.

Now, at age 29, Andrews thinks he has a real shot to pass, thanks to a new Army program that gives lower-performing recruits up to 90 days of academic or fitness instruction to help them meet military standards.

“I didn’t want to give up on it,” he said during a recent break in his classroom schedule at Fort Jackson, where he is one of more than 300 recruits who have been allowed to enlist in the new Army prep course. And if Andrews, who is from Brooklyn, New York, is able to raise his test score, he will be allowed to continue on to basic training.

The program, which began in early August, is one way the Army is hoping to fill the ranks as it struggles with recruiting efforts that are expected to fall dramatically short of the goals this year. Army officials have described the situation as dire, with some predicting the service may fall 10,000 to 15,000 soldiers short of its recruiting target on Oct. 1, or as much as 18 percent to 25 percent.

Military officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the totals are preliminary and could change, said the initial recruiting goal was as much as 60,000 this year, but more realistic expectations later put it at about 55,000. With one month to go, officials are predicting they will come in about 45,000, though it could get better if there is a surge at the end.

……Gen. James McConville, the Army chief, traveled to Fort Jackson on Friday for a firsthand look at the pilot program. He and others have acknowledged the recruiting problems and say they are due to a confluence of events and conditions.

……“We have some young men and women that want to serve, that have some challenges on the academic and physical side here. And what we want to do is give them that opportunity,” McConville said. He added that the Army will not reduce standards to get more recruits into the service, but will do more to help Soldiers make the grade.


Between the unconstitutional vax tyranny and the “woke” bullshit infecting the military, the armed forces will soon be depleted of anyone capable or willing to fight.  The Biden regime and the current crop of proglodytes in the pentagon are hellbent on pushing an agenda that turns the military into mush.

Meanwhile,  the ChiComs and Russia are becoming a looming threat to the West.

With all the shit being imposed from allowing trannies to serve to the crackdown of patriotism and free speech, there is no fucking way I would recommend the military to any person looking to enlist.

God help us if we get involved in another full scale war.

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