Army Admits Covid Vax Caused Soldier’s Heart Condition


It will take years for the full story to come out about the disastrous policies forced on the American people during the pandemic, but at least the process has begun.

The hearings in Congress have been a good start to the process, despite the fact that Democrats have been flying cover for the public health establishment. There have also been a series of scientific studies showing that vaccine injuries and non-pharmaceutical interventions caused millions of deaths.

But official acknowledgments have been few and far between, so far. Everybody has been covering their own butts.

Will the dam break? Perhaps, perhaps not. But one good sign is that the Army is beginning to acknowledge that its vaccine policy did permanently damage some Soldiers.

Catherine Herridge, late of CBS and Fox News, and scourge of government bureaucrats who routinely lie, is releasing a new investigation on Twitter/X on vaccine injuries. The first installment focuses on Karoline Stancik’s successful fight to get the Army to acknowledge that her heart condition was caused by the jab that the Army mandated that Soldiers get.

After her heart condition developed she was separated from the Army, lost her pay and healthcare benefits, and due to her heart condition (which caused fainting and resulted in heart attacks) was unable to get a job.

The Army finally acknowledged it after Karoline faced tens of thousands of uncovered healthcare costs. It took over two years of fighting the bureaucracy, but Army Human Resources acknowledged Karoline’s heart condition was caused by the jab and that her injuries were a result of actions taken in the line of duty.

This is huge, both for her and for other Soldiers facing similar circumstances. She is now eligible for benefits that will among other things, cover her healthcare costs.

Mandating the vaccines for Soldiers was always a terrible idea. The population covered was never at serious risk from COVID and the vaccine was known to cause potentially deadly side effects, especially in younger people. The decision to mandate the vaccine was political and not based on readiness or health concerns, and no doubt contributed to the recruiting difficulties the military now faces.

Will Karoline’s winning the battle for acknowledging that her injuries occurred in the line of duty open the floodgates for others making similar claims? It is impossible to say right now, especially given that there is such a wide variety of potential side effects that linger but are not so obviously linked to the vaccine.



Catherine Herridge Twitter post, HERE. 

Good service members chose to resign or get out rather than take the government-forced vax. But, if you have AIDs, you can join.

After after persecuting service members for refusing to take a toxic vax, the military is sending them letters begging them to come back.

As of 2023, only 43 of the 8,000 troops forced out agreed to rejoin.

The despicable shit military members went through during the draconian scamdemic was unbelievable. They were coerced, bullied, threatened with severe disciplinary action, denied promotion, subjected to retaliation for filing complaints, and forcibly discharged.

Thousands of former troops are now in the process of suing the U.S. government for lost pay and benefits.  The amount is in the billions.



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2 thoughts on “Army Admits Covid Vax Caused Soldier’s Heart Condition”

  1. John D. Egbert

    Back in 1974 the Navy had the insanely bright(?) idea of vaccinating every sailor against the then-currenrt flavor of flu. To accomplish this (in pre-direct deposit days), they set the mid-month payday as “Jab” day. The paymaster’s desk, and all the checks, was set up at the far end of the shot line; no shot, no pay.

    So, I took the shot, got my pay, and three days later was flat on my back for three weeks with the worst case of flu you could imagine.

    Needless to say, I haven’t taken any kind of flu shot since. Strangely, though, I haven’t had the flu since; I will never take another.

    1. I remember being forced to take the “swine flu” shot in the 70s when I was stationed in Germany, There were hundreds of sick Soldiers the next day. Eventually, they admitted the “flu” was blown out of proportion. Nothings changed.

      SFC MAC

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