Army to Discipline 6 Officers for ‘Failing to Take Action’ Before Hasan’s Ft. Hood Jihad

6 officers at Ft. Hood may be disciplined for ‘failing to take action’ before Hasan went jihad apeshit and killed 13 Soldiers.

The military will formally discipline at least six officers, mostly from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, for failing to take action against the officer accused of carrying out last year’s deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood, according to people familiar with the matter.

Senior Army officials said the decision to punish so many officers reflects the military’s belief that the November assault, which killed 13 people at the Army base in central Texas, could have been prevented if Maj. Nidal Hasan’s superiors had alerted authorities to his increasing Islamist radicalization.

The officials said that as many as eight officers could ultimately be censured over Maj. Hasan, mostly with letters of reprimand that effectively end their military careers. The punishments will be detailed in an “accountability review” that Army Gen. Carter Ham, who has been investigating the shootings for several months, will deliver to top Army officials as early as Friday.

An Army spokesman said that Gen. Ham’s accountability review would be submitted within days, but declined to comment further on the inquiry. People familiar with the matter said the Army had earlier notified eight officers that they were under investigation, including Col. John Bradley, who until recently ran Walter Reed’s psychiatry department, and Col. Charles Engel, a psychiatrist who supervised Maj. Hasan when he was doing a fellowship at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Col. Bradley didn’t reply to emails seeking comment. Gary Myers, the attorney representing Col. Engel, said the military was blaming a handful of officers for a broader institutional failing.

“The history of the Department of Defense, when dealing with broad-based problems within the department, is to isolate and vilify a few individuals,” said Mr. Myers, who served as an Army lawyer during the Vietnam War. “The idea that anyone could predict future violence by a person who has never engaged in violence before is absurd.”

A senior Army official said the investigation found evidence that military doctors at Walter Reed were so focused on their teaching and clinical work that they failed to adequately supervise Maj. Hasan or alert authorities when he began to express extremist religious views and harshly criticize the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“What you generally see is that some officers who were aware of his shortcomings didn’t take appropriate actions in response,” the senior Army official said.

Gotta love that shit. The military—all branches—creates a PC-based fear of raising hell over muslim radicals in the ranks, then looks for scapegoats after the fact.

The military was warned about muzzie radicals in the ranks and did not heed the warning:

Here’s a no-brainer: Closely scrutinize the muslims in the military.  Don’t hesitate to either discharge them or deport them to an Islamic-nation state of their choice, if they express dedication to killing the ‘infidel’, or if there’s evidence of radicalization.  Hasan and his ilk violate the oath they took when they raised their right hand and swore to protect and defend the United States from all enemies–foreign and domestic.  They switched allegiance to our enemies and should be considered traitors.

A better solution: Don’t  allow them in the military in the first damned place.



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