Ashli Babbitt’s Family Plans To Sue Capitol Police for Her Murder: ‘A Double Standard At Work,’ Politics Has ‘Everything To Do With It’

Daily Wire

An attorney for the family of fatally shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt detailed plans Monday to sue Capitol Police on behalf of the Babbitt family, arguing that the officer in question has not been charged for alleged use of excessive force because of the politics surrounding the case.

Babbit, 35, was unarmed when she was shot on Jan. 6 by Capitol Police during the breach of the Capitol. She died of a gunshot wound to the left shoulder, according to the D.C. Medical Examiner’s office.

The Department of Justice announced earlier this month that the officer who fatally shot Babbitt will not be charged in her death. The officer’s name has never been made public.

Really? Here he is:




Attorney Terry Roberts told Newsmax on Monday that Babbitt has not received justice due to the politics of the case and her open support for former President Donald Trump. The attorney will be pursuing a civil action on behalf of the family alleging a violation of Babbitt’s constitutional rights, he said.

“I’m handling the civil action that will be filed, that’s my role,” Roberts said. “The family and I were disappointed in the Department of Justice’s decision on this, but my role is, really, to bring a civil action and in that way, vindicate her rights.”

“We think the evidence is ample and supports criminal charges against the officer,” Roberts argued, claiming the officer could see Babbitt was not armed and offered her no warning.

“This is a situation in which the officer could have easily arrested her, if he had grounds to arrest her, without using deadly force,” he said. “So, this was an egregious act of excessive force and he should have been charged.”


The Feds refuse to charge him, so the family is forced to seek justice on their own.

Byrd’s lawyer, Mark Schamel, is a Biden donor who represents Igor Danchenko, the “primary subsource” of the discredited Steele dossier on Trump.  That tells you all you need to know about this douche. Byrd should be hauled out of his hidey-hole and forced to face the Babbitts in court.

When Prog radicals stormed into the state capitols of IowaWisconsin, and Georgia, none of them were shot. When left-wing protesters tried to break down the door to the SCOTUS while Bret Kavanaugh was sworn in, no one was shot.

Antifa and BLM thugs riot, murder, burn, loot, and assault in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Brooklyn Center MN, without the media calling them ‘terrorists’ and demanding incarceration or death.

Black men shooting unarmed white women have different criteria.  When the narrative suits them, “leftists” transform into apologists for police murder.

Every cop who shoots a black suspect (justified or not) is immediately targeted by the SJW outrage mob and dragged through the CNN/MSNBC gauntlet of bile and vilification.  Byrd should face the same consequences for his feckless actions.

There’s a two-tiered system of justice in America. One for Dems and one for everyone else.



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