Author of Fake Trump-Russia Dossier Claims All His ‘Evidence’ Was Destroyed

He likely destroyed the “evidence” himself.

From The Federalist

Former British intelligence officer and author of the famously-debunked Steele Dossier documenting the Trump campaign’s discredited ties to the Russia government told a British court last month that documents and information from meetings with his primary source for the junk report have disappeared.

In a court transcript obtained by the Daily Caller, Steele said in a legal deposition that his notes with sources related to the dossier, including with DNC-affiliated Fusion GPS were “wiped” in December of 2016 and January 2017.

Just five months ago, after the release of an earth-shattering inspector general’s report, Steele said he had evidence that would offer clearer insight into the evidence he had from his primary source for the dossier. The IG report exposed glaring omissions in FBI spy warrants further nullifying the Steele Dossier already known to be faulty intelligence. According to the Daily Caller, Steele’s lawyers disputed findings in the inspector general’s report and claimed the primary dossier source’s meetings “were meticulously documented and recorded.”

The Daily Caller reports that whether the records were written or electronic was unclear and that it remains an open question whether Steele disposed of the notes himself.

The Caller exclusive comes after the Justice Department’s inspector general released a damming report documenting 17 glaring omissions in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications further undercutting the Steele Dossier as fake intelligence used to conduct deep-state spying on political opponents from government bureaucrats. Inspector General Michael Horowitz told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that his findings revealed the warrant applications used to conduct surveillance on U.S. citizens working for the Trump campaign relied entirely on Steele’s sources, notes from which have now apparently gone missing.



The status of the information was revealed during an exchange Steele had on March 18 with Hugh Tomlinson, a lawyer for Petr Aven, German Khan, and Mikhail Fridman, the owners of Alfa Bank.

The three Russian bankers are suing Steele for defamation over a memo in the dossier that accused them of making illicit payments to Vladimir Putin.

Tomlinson pressed Steele over the accuracy of his memo, as well as his relationship with “Primary Sub-Source,” the transcript shows.

The lawyer asked Steele about the existence of the documents and recordings that his attorneys mentioned in their rebuttal to the IG report.

“But none of these documents exist, so they have all been destroyed?” a lawyer asked Steele.

“They no longer exist,” Steele said.



DNC lawyers hired corporate espionage firm Fusion GPS who in turn, hired a former MI6 reprobate, Christopher Steele. Steele dutifully fabricated a dossier full of half baked bullshit to use in a political smear against the Trump campaign.

Federal prosecutor John Durham was assigned by U.S. Attorney General William Barr to interview Steele as part of the investigation into his activities, but Steele refused.

Obama’s weaponized agencies engaged in systematic corruption and illegal activities to undermine the election and overthrow Donald Trump if he became president.

The FBI’s own memos showed that the “Russian collusion” hoax pushed by Dems in an attempt at a coup d’ etat, fell apart during the first month of  Trump’s presidency.

They knew all this shit but pushed it anyway because Orange Man Bad.


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    Anyone shocked or even mildly surprised at this belongs in the same basement as Gropey Joe . . .

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