Barbara Boxer’s Staff Stonewalls on ‘Fallujah Aid’ Letter

Just think, the “PAC” wing of the VFW supports this asshole.

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Capitol Hill staff is stonewalling a request by military mother Beverly Perlson for a copy of a reported diplomatic letter provided by the California Democrat to the leftwing group Code Pink/Global Exchange in support of the delivery of $600,000 in cash and aid to the “other side” in Fallujah, Iraq in late 2004.

Perlson, whose son has served four tours in the war on terror, is founder of the pro-troops group The Band of Mothers.

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After initially telling Perlson the letter could not be found, Boxer’s staff has given Perlson the run around. Since she first made her request by telephone last week, Perlson says she has been passed from one staffer who, after failing to return several phone calls, referred her to another staffer who has not returned repeated phone messages. The receptionist refuses to give an e-mail address to Perlson so she can send her request in writing.

The stonewalling by Boxer’s office is in stark contrast to California Rep. Henry Waxman’s office which promptly provided Perlson a copy of a similar letter by Waxman.

Boxer and Waxman are part of what has come to be known as the Fallujah Four. They were joined by fellow Democrats Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Raul Grijalva of Arizona in providing diplomatic letters to Code Pink/Global Exchange according to a January 4, 2005 report by Islam Online. The article was mysteriously taken down last week.

……Also, given Code Pink’s public stance supporting the ‘resistance’ in Iraq, the Fallujah Four are being criticized by veterans and military families for at best bad judgment and at worst, treason.

Publicly available statements by Code Pink and Global Exchange soliciting donations for ‘Fallujah aid’ included accusations against U.S. troops of mass murder of civilians and other war crimes in Fallujah. No mention was made in the appeals that Fallujah was being targeted because it had become the headquarters for al Qaeda in Iraq and was a city-wide car bomb factory that sent vehicle-borne explosives to Baghdad and other Iraqi cities that really did mass murder civilians.

An excerpt from Code Pink’s appeal:

While George Bush was on the campaign trail talking about moral values, his administration was busy preparing the assault on Fallujah that was launched immediately after the election. The US military leveled virtually the entire city, killed hundreds of desperate civilians, refused to let humanitarian aid workers into the city, and has now left refugees without food, water and medicines.

An excerpt from Global Exchange’s appeal:

When the US bombed a hospital in Falluja and seized another, leveled virtually the entire city, killed hundreds of desperate civilians, refused to let humanitarian aid workers into the city, and left an estimated 50,000 civilians without water, electricity and food, we here at Global Exchange knew we had to do something—FAST—because Falluja is just one terrifying example of the escalating devastation in Iraq.

So we have put together a delegation of parents who lost loved ones in Iraq and on 9/11, as well as health care workers, to take a shipment of humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq. This delegation will take desperately needed medical supplies to the Iraqi/Jordanian border, where we will meet with Iraqi humanitarian aid organizations that will take the supplies to Falluja and to those in the most need. (bold added)

PS: Remember, your donation is tax-deductible. It is one way to transfer money from war to money for health, peace and justice.

Sponsored by: Global Exchange, CODEPINK, Voices in the Wilderness, and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

It was obvious at the time to any astute observer that Code Pink/Global Exchange intended to throw a life preserver to the insurgency by delivering cash and aid to Fallujah, helping insurgent family members in refugee camps and by pumping out pro-terrorist propaganda. Any doubt was cleared when Benjamin proclaimed the aid was for the “other side.”
More here:

Yet, no member of the MSM has the guts to call this behavior treasonous.

The Dems, not to mention their leftwingnut media cabal, have a lengthy history of cheerleading for America’s enemies.

Remember the Baghdad Democrats ( and the ‘good will’ trip Kucinich and Pelosi made to Syria ( in order to kiss Assad’s ass?

Dem U.S. Reps. Barbara Lee,  Marcia Fudge, Mel Watt, Laura Richardson, and Bobby Rush snuggled with Castro:

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s pro-Islamist speech to the National Conference for Media Reform:

Jimmy (I never met a dictator I didn’t like) Carter’s visits to terrorists:

And of course, Obama’s collection of radical Marxist and Islamofascist friends:

The Logan Act prohibits citizens conferring with foreign governments against the interests of the United States.

Article III of the Constitution spells out the definition of treason against the United States.

It’s not enough for right-leaning bloggers and journalists to raise hell about the traitors in our own government. The Republican, Libertarian, and Independent members of Congress and Senate need to get off their complacent asses and demand impeachment and prosecution.

The despicable actions on the part of the Demleft politicians in this country, is unmistakably treason.  They know exactly what they’re doing and the effect it has on national security and the war effort.   This isn’t a lack of judgement; it’s intentional. It’s right in line with their agenda.  Their vision of America is a  humbled, eviscerated,  “global”  peon;  to relinquish our military and economic power,  and the sin of being a remarkable nation in a mediocre world.

With subversive fuckwads like them, who the hell needs Bin Laden?

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