Barky Bows to Cuban Dicator’s Criticism of America: ‘I Personally Would Not Disagree’

More disgusting embarrassment on a world-wide scale.

From The Weekly Standard.

Obama said that he “personally would not disagree” with some of Cuban President Raul Castro’s criticisms of America:

“President Castro, I think, has pointed out that in his view making sure that everybody is getting a decent education or health care, has basic security and old age, that those things are human rights as well. I personally would not disagree with him,” Obama said.

obama limp wrist cuba castro-

Limp wristed pussy.



Cuba arrested dozens of human rights protesters and burned copies of the U.N. universal declaration of human rights, hours before Barky’s plane landed.

The Ladies in White, an organization made up of the spouses and family members of various political prisoners in Cuba, is a constant target of brutality by Castro’s goons.

Barky will get the Potemkin Village tour while the citizens in the real Cuba still suffer under oppression.

Obama always follows DemProg protocol and plants a big kiss on the ass of America’s enemies.

Obama is Jimmy Carter redux. He isn’t exactly a force for freedom and democracy in the world. He functioned as a whipping boy for Latin America’s communist thugs during the Fifth Summit of the Americas. He’s a laughing stock. He panders to the despots at the U.N and Islamofascist nation-states.  His world-wide ‘apology tours’ flogged America for the world’s ‘injustices’—real or imagined—and he’s become quite adept at bowing.

Like other failures in Obama’s dicked-up foreign policy, Cuba won’t give up a damned thing in exchange for the “normalized relations”. Castros’ critics, dissidents, and people who speak out against the regime will continue to disappear. Castro’s friendship with Vladimir Putin’s neo-Soviet government is further proof that nothing will change.

The next (Republican) president needs to yank the reins on this out of control groveling.


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  1. I can only hope that the American People understand why it is important to have a “natural born citizen” as President

    Obama’s allegiance is not with America

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