Barky Obama’s Philly Stop Had More Secret Service Agents Than Audience

The most corrupt former White House occupant in history has lost his luster.

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In a stunning rebuke to Joe Biden, left-wing superstar Barack Obama failed to attract many supporters to his two lackluster events in Democrat-run Philadelphia yesterday.  In contrast, President Trump spoke to a massive crowd while campaigning in battleground state North Carolina.

Shocking videos show Obama speaking to a meager group while stumping for his former vice president. Obama campaigned in liberal Philadelphia to turn out the black vote.  But the attendees at one sidewalk stop were mostly white (and some of them appear to be campaign workers).


……Obama held a car rally in Philadelphia.  One Twitter user joked: “Walmart has more cars on a Wednesday afternoon.”


……The apparent poor attendance at the car rally mimicked the dismal reaction Obama got while promoting Biden on YouTube and Periscope.

Ali Alexander remarked: “Only ~5,000 people are watching former President Barack Obama on YouTube even though it is heavily promoted by the controversial platform. Stream ended minutes later with 20,061 total views. Democrats claim to be double-digit points ahead. No convincing evidence of that.”

……While the media are breathlessly touting political polls projecting a Biden landslide, people on the ground say the polls are skewed.

Trafalgar Group’s chief pollster Robert Cahaly — one of the few pollsters (if not the only one) who predicted Trump’s 2016 win — confidently projects another Trump victory in November.

“I see the President winning with a minimum high 270s [electoral college votes] and possibly going up significantly higher,” Cahaly said.

He predicts that President Trump will win battleground states Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia — just like he did in 2016.

The polls being rabidly pushed by the media claim Biden is leading in these battleground states, but the GOP has been crushing Democrats in registering new voters there.  Voter registration has historically been a better predictor of election outcomes than unreliable polls.

Looks like Emperor Obama has no clothes.

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