Barney Frank Says ObamaCare a ‘Mistake’, Two Years After He Helped Push it Through the Legislature

Gawd, what a douche.

Via The Blaze.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) says President Obama made a “mistake” by pushing for healthcare reform (i.e. “Obamacare”) in 2010 and suggested the White House “back off” after Democrats suffered disastrous losses during the 2010 “Red Wave” midterm elections, the Congressman tells New York magazine.

“I think we paid a terrible price for healthcare,” Rep. Frank said.

Frank was one of the ObamaCare shills who ranted insults at opponents of the unconstitutional disaster. While the debate over ObamaCare raged throughout America, with most citizens opposing it, Frank displayed appalling arrogance and disdain toward constituents who debated him.

The Dems got shellacked in the midterm elections because Americans were angry at their hubris and trashing of the Constitution.  Frank’s epiphany is a bit late, and spoken with his typical pussified style.


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2 thoughts on “Barney Frank Says ObamaCare a ‘Mistake’, Two Years After He Helped Push it Through the Legislature”

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  2. did he push it through???…or was it pushed through him???…did he do a reach-a-round…

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