Behind Obama’s ‘Green’ Agenda (UPDATED)

UPDATE:   The list (so far) of Obama’s taxpayer-funded “green energy” failures.

A Fox News investigation exposes rogue regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency and a United Nations-inspired ‘sustainability’ program that aims to dismantle America’s capitalist system. Bret Baier traveled coast to coast to investigate the radical roots of Obama’s environmental agenda and its impact on the U.S. economy.

Watch the whole thing.

The whole “green, sustainability”  crap is nothing less than an abuse of power. It’s all about government control of energy resources.

Some of the points discussed in the Fox News investigation:

Al Armendariz, was one of Obama’s top EPA officials until he was caught making an April 2012 speech about his methods of intimidating oil and gas producers. He spoke of the Roman method of entering villages and using crucifixion as a terror method. That approach is standard operating procedure throughout Obama’s EPA.

Remember the anti-fracking (aka hydraulic fracturing) documentary called “Gasland”?  The film purported to show the contamination of water wells with methane gas, due to fracking.  It was produced by Josh Fox, an “avant-garde” (Read: fringe) filmmaker with an axe to grind against corporations in general. One scene in the film showed Mike Markham, a Colorado landowner, igniting his tap water. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission tested Markham’s water in 2008, and found that there were “no indications of oil & gas related impacts to water well.” Instead the investigation found that the methane was “biogenic” in nature, meaning it was naturally occurring and that his water well was drilled into a natural gas pocket.  The film has been roundly debunked, but that hasn’t stopped other attempts at smearing the gas industry.  In another ‘documentary’ reminiscent of the NBC News crew that rigged a GM truck explosion to demonstrate the unsafe placement of ‘sidesaddle’ fuel tanks, Armendariz and Allissa Rich, an anti-fracking activist, participated in a documentary targeting Range Resources, a major gas and oil company headquartered in Texas.  Rich engaged in deceptive tactics in order to dramatize her point.  In one scene, Rich connected a garden hose to a spigot and lighted the end, which caught fire.  The problem: she intentionally attached the hose to a methane gas vent adjacent to the well.  This kind of shit goes on all the time.

How the EPA got so much power and who is behind it:

The EPA was established by Richard Nixon in 1970, in response to the widespread smog and pollution problem throughout the U.S.  What began as an effort to ensure a clean environment, soon took on proportions of an out-of-control big government, punitive actions, and regulation.  Instead of using a common-sense approach, they enacted ham-handed laws that cost lives.  The use of the pesticide DDT was restricted in 1972, resulting in the deaths of millions of people in Africa who died from mosquito-borne malaria.

In 2007, the EPA got more authority when the Supreme Court ruled that the Clean Air Act gave the EPA the right to regulate “greenhouse gases”, including carbon dioxide.  That was like giving crack to an addict. Carbon dioxide is what we exhale. It’s what plants ingest to use during photosynthesis to produce glucose; their growth material. Junk science trumps real science at the EPA.

The EPA is pushing for even more power and control over what is and isn’t considered “carbon emissions”. This is an extension of the Cap and Trade farce.

Like the environmental movements that morphed into eco-terror groups like Earth First!, the Earth Liberation Front, Greenpeace, and the Sea Shephards, the EPA has evolved into a menacing bully. Times Beach Missouri was one of the casualties of the EPA’s tyranny.  In 1982, scientists found minute traces of dioxin, and the government evacuated the entire town, uprooting thousands of people from their homes.  Nine years later, Vernon Houk, the federal health official who ordered the evacuation, admitted that he overreacted.

What of Times Beach now? It’s a popular state park.

Cap and Trade:

Cap and Trade, one of Obama’s socialist Frankensteins, is an attempt to dictate the access and the use of energy and could cost the American taxpayer over a half a trillion dollars a year.   Even though it  crashed and burned in the Senate in 2010, Obama has declared that he will seize command and control over “greenhouse emissions”.

William Reilly, a former EPA administrator, considers this overzealous bureaucratic dumbassity to be his ‘crowning achievement’.

Environmental activism:

The EPA has imposed draconian restrictions on everything from the lumber industry to farms, and with the prodding of  radical leftwing agenda-driven “environmental groups”, uses lawfare as a tactic.  The suits brought by the EPA benefit these groups through monetary settlements and federal grants which subsidize their activity.   It’s a concerted effort to attack the rights of property owners, business owners and the capitalist system.  Apparently, these ‘environmental groups’ don’t even have to go through the formality of filing a lawsuit.  All they have to do is complain to the EPA, and the EPA in turn, jumps at their bidding.

These groups don’t limit their manipulation to environmental causes. In 2010, they tried to get the EPA to regulate the lead in bullets as a “toxic substance”, because they supposedly contaminate ground water and poison wildlife. The EPA dutifully began a public debate on the issue, but quickly retreated when the NRA, hunters, gun owners, and other 2nd Amendment supporters raised considerable hell.  It was a blatant attempt at gun control.  It failed.

The Keystone Pipeline:

Not only would this oil pipeline help supply America with non-OPEC oil, but it would create thousands of private-sector jobs.  Obama and his “climate change” peanut gallery use the hackneyed, debunked “man-made global warming” crap as an excuse not to pursue the project.  He refuses to expand drilling for our own oil resources and vilifies the petroleum companies as big, evil, greedy creatures destroying the planet, but by gawd, he’ll loan Brazil $2 Billion to drill their own.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson takes the moonbattery even further with the accusation of “environmental justice”; using the race card in opposition.  Jackson asserts that it will be like ” inner cities where pollution makes kids miss school and workers stay home”, and like “on tribal lands where open land fills are rampant and drinking water is polluted.”   The squalling she-ass is really stretching things.  Last I checked, the industrial base is so depleted in the American rust belt that the only pollution is the eyesore of run-down abandoned factories and houses.  As for Indian reservations, isn’t that the responsibility of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to clean them up?   There are no oil pipelines on tribal lands, yet the “open land fills” persist. What’s her fucking point?   She doesn’t have any except a big fat straw man.

As for ‘alternative energy’, Obama has squandered about $90 billion taxpayer dollars on the eco-scams he pushed, and they predictably failed.

Never one to ‘let a good crisis go to waste’, the Gulf oil spill was wrung for all it was worth.  Carol Browner, Obama’s energy adviser, and Ken Salazar, the Secretary of the interior, both lied about a report on the Gulf Coast spill by claiming that a panel of outside experts had peer-reviewed the report’s conclusions, which included a job-killing moratorium on offshore drilling.

‘Sustainability” and the race card:

The University of Delaware had a “sustainability initiative” that had nothing to do with the environment per se, it was simply another Marxist indoctrination on college campuses nation-wide.   It was an overlap of “healthy environments, economic strength, and social justice”.  Anti-colonialism and eco-socialism were included in the class.  There was also a section called “The Culture of White Supremacy”. This academic absurdity was designed to make white students confess that they were “racist”. The course defined “racist” as:

“One who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term applies to ALL WHITE PEOPLE…by this definition people of color cannot be racist.”

A far cry from clean air and water.

The term “sustainability” was coined in a 1987 U.N. report which combined a socialist economic agenda with “ecological” issues.  John Kerry and Anthony Cortese,  one of the leading advocates in the Education for Sustainability movement, pushed their “green” Second Nature program as a conduit for that agenda.

Bottom line:  “Sustainability” is a mandate for the takeover, control, and redistribution of economic and natural resources to those the Left feels are victims of evil capitalist corporations.

The Obama regime and his flying monkeys at the EPA have been force-feeding this shit into domestic policy for the last four years. It’s time to cut this socialist/prog crap off at the knees.


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2 thoughts on “Behind Obama’s ‘Green’ Agenda (UPDATED)”

  1. With the high cost of living and taxes, it’s tough to hold on to land that has been in the family for decades or even hundreds of years. There’s a lot of love for the land, especially if you and your ancestors have walked it, worked it, planted it,cultivated it, lived on it and plan to die on it. That’s a human life invested that can be taken away just because the taxes go unpaid. Blood, sweat and tears are on that land. I know. My family have lived here since before this was the USA and we are struggling. So I can understand why many would want to get money to help them pay their taxes. But no amount of money is worth ruining our most precious resource,water, forever. You can’t drink money. The Catskill Mountains of NY State- such a beautiful rural and wilderness area in upstate New York, with reservoirs that supply NY City with water. We have some of the purest freshwater in the world and want to keep it that way. This is what we are doing: Check out the entire website and documents. Originally starting in the heart of the Catskills, this is now the fastest growing anti- fracking movement across NY state.

    1. Alec,

      You’ve been drinking the kool-aid.

      Again: The bottom line is that “sustainability” and the “green” agenda is a mandate for the takeover, control, and redistribution of economic and natural resources to those the Left feels are victims of evil capitalist corporations. It has NOTHING TO DO with clean air and water. It’s a taxpayer-funded scam. Secondly, fracking is a safe, reliable method of getting to natural gas resources. Newsflash: No one is going to take away your clean drinking water or your *precious bodily fluids*.

      Get a grip.

      SFC MAC

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