Ben Domenech on General Mark Milley’s Failures as a Military Leader


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General Milley’s record of achievements such as they are, include episodes of profound blundering, a persistent misunderstanding of the national interest and a dangerous willingness to politicize the Army of the United States.

……General Milley was a major force undermining the constitutional authority of the President of the United States during the insurrectionary summer of 2020. While American cities were literally on fire in the grip of a violent uprising with a body count and pervasive fear, Milley assumed for himself the role of preventing the president from using his lawful authority to bring peace and order to our communities. He made it his mission to deny the American people the lawful and constitutional aid of their own armed forces.

It was Milley who apologized for appearing with the president following the now infamous clearance of Lafayette Square, despite the fact revealed earlier this month, that the clearance was pre planned and not the President’s doing.

……Don’t misunderstand me. Mark Milley isn’t even slightly unusual in his sphere. Our Armed forces remains a stronghold of brave patriots. But once you get that first star on, things change. Advancement becomes about subjective politics, not empirical outcomes. When your next job and your next promotion depend on a vote of the United States Senate, their priorities become your own and you start to resemble a senator more and more and a general less and less.

So look past Mark Milley for a moment, look at the disaster of an Air Force spending billions on aircraft that still don’t quite work, look at the disaster of the Navy’s accident-prone 7th Fleet, supposedly our first line of defense against an aggressive China. Look at the men and women responsible, all the generals, all the admirals. Mark Milley is one of them. The crisis of our armed forces is in the fact that he is ordinary.

……This is a group of leaders who are masters at political climate, media engagement and spending trillions in your taxpayer dollars. They even get the praise of one useful media idiot after another whose natural inclination is to “Yes, Queen”, anyone who agrees with their woke ideology. No matter how obvious it is that they fail in any measure of success at their actual job.

Keep in mind. These vaunted leaders haven’t won a war since February 28, 1991. This story is as much about the failure of the United States Military as an institution, as it is about Milley, the man. We get what the system gives us. And if we don’t fight against it, it’s what we deserve. In this case, a series of ageing politicians who can’t win wars.

We used to recall our generals from retirement to serve during a time of war, but now they have become so political, they hang around until they’re eventually pushed out usually in a swirl of controversy and years past the mandatory retirement. There’s little difference between the brands of these generals and any other major brand that has declined in recent years.

Desperate to distract you from their own failure, they seize on something else, anything else, to turn criticism of their performance into an act that indicates racism, bigotry, guilt, or dishonor on the part of any critic. And that’s how you end up with a person who is more focused on perceived domestic issues than on preparing the American armed forces to contain, to deter, and if necessary, to win a war with China.

So when you look at General Mark Milley, USA, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, put on his show of indignation in the face of entirely justified civilian oversight, as he did a few days back in response to sharp congressional questions on whether the Military has gone woke, just know that it’s all for show.


MILLEY: I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States Military, our general officers, our commissioned non-commissioned officers, are being “woke” or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there.


So what if I told you, General Milley, that a flag officer of the United States Army addressed the 2020 graduates of the National Defense University with an affirmation that America is guilty of centuries of injustice toward African-Americans, that America is afflicted with an original sin in Jamestown 401 years ago. And further, that our country features structural preferences, patterns of mistreatment, and unspoken and unconscious bias. Would you say that officer is woke, General Milley?

Would you be offended at the term? Would you acknowledge that this officer parroting the cant straight off the pages of the 1619 Project is voicing the exact ideology, your congressional questioners alleged? Of course, I don’t have to ask you the hypothetical. Those words are yours. That officer is you. And this country and the brave men and women of every race, color and creed, who serve in her defense, deserve better.


While the ChiComs and Russia present real threats to the West, the U.S. military is busy getting “woke”. They’re not just “studying theories” as Milley asserted, they’re putting the Marxist philosophy into practice.  Last I checked, every military servicemember takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  The communist ideology being inflicted on the armed forces is diametrically opposed to the constitution.

General officers transform from troop leaders to politicians when they pin on the first star. They need to be reminded that they are first and foremost leaders of the world’s finest fighting forces, not puppets for nihilist leftwing ideologues hellbent on destroying the fabric of the country and the military.



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