Bernie Sanders Staffer Says “Guillotine the Rich”, While Living a Lavish Lifestyle

This is the common trait of Bernie’s campaign staffers.

Via The Post Millennial

On Tuesday morning, Project Veritas exposed Martin Weissgerber, a second Bernie Sanders field organizer who has been recorded calling for extremist left-wing violence and a communist revolution.

Martin Weissgerber was recorded in the sting drinking craft beer and saying, “I’ll straight up get armed … I’m ready for the fucking revolution.”

He proudly proclaimed his support for violent class warfare and said, “what will help is when we send all of the Republicans to the re-education camps.” He praised gulags and said that the “Soviet Union was one of the most progressive places” in history for women’s rights.

The Post Millennial has independently verified that Weissgerber has expressed disdain for police officers, Israel, women, and more on social media—all the while enjoying an opulent lifestyle where he sips champagne, goes sailing and holidaying in Europe.

Check out his travelogue:


“I made this up because if I did this for real, I’d get my Soy Boy ass kicked”:


The Soy Boy’s pic:


“Ready for the revolution”?  He’d curl up in a fetal position and cry his fucking eyes out.

Last week, a Project Veritas video exposed showed Kyle Jurek, another Sanders field organizer who approves of Soviet-style gulags and ‘re-education camps’ for people who believe in making America great.

The Dem party is completely infested with unhinged sociopaths who want to replace a Constitutional Republic with a communist totalitarian death camp.

The trouble is, there’s millions of armed patriots who have a say in the matter.

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  1. Thanks. This does seem typical of those whose basement apartments probably have more square footage than my first two houses.

    Yeah, they majored in Sociology or Nursing, but they are trust-fund kids who can afford to work for Bernie for $11,000/year while they pretend to be part of the 99%.

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