Bhutto: Baby rigged with bomb in assassination attempt

If this is true, it’s not the least surprising:

The bomb that ravaged Benazir Bhutto’s homecoming processional in October appears to have been rigged to the clothes of a baby who was held up for the former prime minister to embrace, Mrs. Bhutto said.
A man approached her armored truck, Mrs. Bhutto recounted, and was trying to hand across a small child as her motorcade inched through the thronged streets of Karachi. She remembers gesturing for the man to come closer.

“It was about 1 or 2 years old, and I think it was a girl,” Mrs. Bhutto told The Washington Times in her first public remarks about the baby.

“We feel it was a baby, kidnapped, and its clothes were rigged with explosives. He kept trying to hand it to people to hand to me. I’m a mother, I love babies, but the [streetlights] had already gone out, and I was worried about the baby getting dropped or hurt.”

Mrs. Bhutto would have been killed, she said, if she hadn’t stepped back to loosen the shoes on her swollen feet.

“The baby, the bomb, it went off only feet from me; there was nothing between us but the wall of the truck,” she said.

“We were rocking from side to side, this huge truck. We saw the bodies, the blood everywhere; we saw the carnage. Some bodies were naked, with their clothes burned off,” she said, shutting her kohl-rimmed eyes against the vision.

More than 170 supporters were killed in coordinated blasts along the route, a horror that was carried on live television and has shaped the already tumultuous campaign season here.

Muslims are not beneath using children as ‘human’ shields’, placing them in jihad training camps, or strapping bombs to their bodies. But what gets the MSM’s panties in a wad? Interrogation methods used to extract information from the scumbags at GITMO.


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  1. Maybe they strapped up the baby with bombs because they thought the baby was becoming too Westernized and they feared it would be ungrateful of Allah (see Quran 18:74-81 where an INNOCENT youth is killed by a traveling companion of Moses just by FEARING that the boy will “grow up to disappoint parents or show ungratefulness toward Allah”). By the way, as if those are good reasons to kill anyone, let a lone, an INNOCENT youth.

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